The Starting Line: Finding Inspiration in Tough Times

Thanks to guest blogger John David Mann Have you ever had someone tell you, “You can’t do that”? How did that make you feel? On the other hand, has someone ever told you, “You can do anything”? How did that make you feel? While we were writing our book, The Recipe, my friend Chef Charles Carroll told me about an experience he had as a boy that addressed those questions in a fascinating and revealing way. When Charles was a senior in high school, he participated in a huge culinary … [Read more...]

Bonnie Raitt’s Attitude of Gratitude

On August 26th in 2012, I had the good fortune to attend a Bonnie Raitt concert at Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Colorado (photo on left is backstage). The only naturally-occurring, acoustically perfect amphitheatre in the world, this place - even when there is no concert - is majestic and spiritual. However, when Bonnie Raitt plays there it becomes extra special, not to mention, magical. What was awesome about this performance was not only Bonnie's amazing talent as a singer, songwriter and … [Read more...]

Think Re-Gifting Is Tacky? Think Again.

Thanks to guest blogger, Brian Kurtz. So you think you look like a cheapskate when you re-gift? Let me give you some examples of why the opposite is true--and these might inspire you to think of ways to deepen your contributions to heroes in your life without going to the store. Hopefully you will see that it still is “the thought that counts.” But you will also see that the gift is the critical part of the guaranteed delivery system of the thought. Simply put, think “presence” … [Read more...]

Millionaire Marketing on a Shoestring Budget on the Women in Business Show

Dr. Gayle Carson is known as the Spunky Old Broad. But how did she gain a reputation for being an S.O.B? After being asked, "How do you stay so positive?” “Where does that inner-spunk come from?” Gayle thought, "Did they say SPUNK?" Knowing that she wasn’t a spring chicken and having an opinion can make people reach for the BROAD word, she put this all together and decided to take three words, typically negative, and represent them in a positive way. Hence, the Spunky Old Broad (SOB) … [Read more...]

A Lesson In Personal Branding From Prince

During the recent Saturday Night Live tribute to Prince, Jimmy Fallon said “Larger than life, fashion, music, you couldn't take your eyes off him. I mean, he had his own color. Who has their own color? He owns purple...” Purple was synonymous with Prince. After his passing, the Empire State Building was lit up in purple as was the Eiffel Tower, New Orleans’ Superdome, Niagara Falls, Chicago’s skyline and more. Whether it was a conscious effort on his part or not, you could say the color … [Read more...]