Are You Connecting or Struggling to Make Conversation?

Connecting & engaging with othersI went on a date recently and, while it was nice, I left feeling that I hadn’t made any real connection. We talked. It was pleasant, but that was it.

I was telling a friend about the experience and her comment was, “Well, it doesn’t always happen on the first date.” That might be true, but I thought about it and responded with, “You know how sometimes you just hit it off with someone – male or female? It doesn’t have to be a date. You start talking and find it easy for the conversation to flow – about almost anything. You connect!”

I had that experience one weekend when I was living on Kaua`i. I received an e-mail earlier in the week. A fellow writer was on Kaua`i and found me online. Ironically, turns out she was staying just down the street from me. She wanted to talk to me about my business so we planned on meeting.

She’d asked for 15 minutes of my time. We picked a place & time.

Two & a half hours later we finally said our “goodbyes,” but it kind of felt like “hello” to a new friend I’m sure I’ll be staying in touch with in the future.

It was so different from my first date experience because I felt connected. She & I talked about copywriting, my career, her career, my community, her community. We discussed how we got to where we are today, our relationships, family, travel. Yes, we packed in a lot in that time.

It was easy to talk, the conversation flowed. It was effortless. We connected.

Connecting. It’s the “buzz” word these days given the social networks and how people are meeting each other that way. I felt fortunate to have had the chance to meet face-to-face and make this connection in person, not just online.

I returned home thinking “why is that?” Why do some people just hit it off right off the bat while other times it feels like you’re pulling teeth to make a conversation? Can you relate? What has been your experience? Reach out and let me know because I’d love to hear about it. Thanks a million!