Five Quick Copywriting Tips You Can Use In The New Year

5 Copywriting Tips for the New YearWe’ve approached the end of another crazy pandemic year. As 2022 gets started, it’s a great time to remind yourself of some simple writing tips to keep in mind as you gear up your marketing for the coming year.

I know you’re busy so I’m going to keep this short & sweet. Whether you’re writing your own content or retaining the services of a professional copywriter – be it for a website, landing or sales page, LinkedIn® profile, direct mail piece or brochure – keep these 5 quick copywriting tips in mind.

1. Talk to one person at a time.
For years, be it in seminars I’ve presented or articles I’ve written, I’ve always recommended that you write as if you’re sitting across the table from your prospect or customer. Imagine that he/she is right there with you and speak to him/her, one-on-one.

2. Use the word “you.” “You” is one of the strongest words in the marketing lexicon. While prospects want to know you’re a viable, credible business, they all want to know “what’s in it for me” (i.e. “me” being your prospect). Can you reword your content so it focuses on “you” instead of “we?”

3. Make your content inviting to the reader’s eyess. Avoid those long run-on sentences and lengthy paragraphs. My rule of thumb is to keep paragraphs at approximately 5 lines and use bullet points. When your prospects read your sales page, view the About section of your LinkedIn® profile, or open up your direct mail letter, don’t make them hunt for the information. Make it easy for them to read.

4. Make emotion part of your promotion.
What issues are your prospects facing? Perhaps they’re frustrated . . . stressed . . . overwhelmed. Touch on their needs and how you can help them with a solution. They care more about their hopes, dreams, and ambitions than your product. Let them know you can make those hopes, dreams and ambitions come true. Offer them value.

5. Remember, benefits, not features.
Silk is just a feature of a dress. And, perhaps your prospect is shopping for just that. More likely, what she really wants is to know that the silk dress fits her like a glove, makes her look sensational so she feels like a million bucks and is attractive to her partner or date. Before you write, make a list of features and see how many you can convert into benefits.

Which copywriting tips have you used in your marketing in the last year? Are there new ones listed here that you’ll add to your marketing efforts in the coming year? I hope you’ll take note of the 5 I’ve shared above and implement them in your upcoming efforts.

Best wishes for a peaceful, healthy & prosperous new year. Here’s to your writing success.