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Finding Your Voice: Personal BraningThanks to guest blogger, Brian G. Johnson

“It’s so much easier to embrace who you are with others when you’re not trying to be something that you’re not.” ~Brian G. Johnson

The above is a quote that Brian G. Johnson shares in Chapter 3 of his best-selling book Trust Funnel. On September 18th, Brian was my featured guest on the Marketing Blab (click here to watch the video recording). Below is an excerpt from that chapter of his book.

Finding Your Voice

When it comes to success, non-authenticity stands out like a sore thumb. Whether you look for examples in sports, entertainment, or business, the most successful people are always incredibly authentic.

Variety is the spice of life, right?

What’s the best flavor of ice cream: chocolate, strawberry, or vanilla? Ice cream giant Baskin-Robbins knew that by offering thirty-one flavors they would appeal to more people and thus capture more business.

And when people are looking to learn a new skill or gain knowledge in a chose field, they gravitate toward people they know, like & trust.

By sharing your passion – and your own authentic “flavor” – with the world in the content you publish, whether that be a video you upload to YouTube or an article you post to your blog, you’ll connect with your audience, which is comprised of those what share similar traits and passions.

If you love number, for example, or you’re big on science, then by sharing your excitement for these subjects you will draw people to you that also share a love for all things numeric and/or scientific.

Or perhaps you’re a ham and enjoy making people laugh. By being true to who you are, you can draw other goofballs into your Trust Funnel, have a boatload of fun, and make life-changing income all at the same time.

And here’s the kicker…

It’s so much easier to embrace who you are with others when you’re not trying to be something that you’re not. This is the essence of having a voice and being authentic, and it’s something that comes over time. Just as we evolve as we move through life, so will your marketing voice. Take your business seriously, strive to add value with the content you publish, but understand that this does not mean you have to take yourself seriously.

The core of the Trust Funnel you will build as we move forward is your voice and your brand – an incredibly powerful marketing tool that only you can leverage. Lots of marketers make the mistake of trying to appeal to everyone with the goal of driving more sales. However, by trying to appeal to everyone, you in fact appeal to no one and end up alienating your true audience.

What’s your authentic “flavor?” Are you a numbers person, a scientist, a goofball? Please share your comments below because I’d love to hear from you. Thanks and here’s to your sweet success.

About guest blogger, Brian G. Johnson: Brian has been making money online for more than a decade. He is a serial entrepreneur, author, speaker, product creator and self-proclaimed poodle wrangler. This post is an excerpt from his book Trust Funnel: Leverage Today’s Online Currency to Grab Attention, Drive and Convert Traffic and Live a Fabulous Wealthy Life.