What’s Your Word for 2013?

What's your word for 2013?

As we approached year’s end, I posted a question on my Facebook Fan Page and got many wonderful replies. The question?
What’s your word for 2013?

Here are some of the words colleagues shared with me (along with links to them on Facebook if you’d like to connect). Sounds like it’s going to be an incredible year for all.

Steven Morganstern: I would say mine is adventures! I have a few planned and a few in the works.

Lisa Rehurek: My 2013 word is Greatness…..time to embrace it and step into it!

Daphne Jongejans Bousquet: Impact!

Pj Schott: Focus.

Katie Geddes Ulanov: Fortunate — for my clients and for me, meaning “fortune” as in money and “fortunate” as in gratitude for all. Happy year ahead, Debra. So happy to have met you this year.

Deborah Dawson: Perseverance!

Julia Neiman: Mine is Prosperity.

Heather Strong Brempell: WILLPOWER!!

Meli Horowitz: Success!!

Sylvia Nichols-Nelson: Creativity

PeggyLee Hanson: Julia and I are on the same path…Prosperity.

Carrie Zamora: Leadership

Nancy Jo Heart: connection

MJ Jensen: Mine is grow and learn. OK that’s 2 words but I need one for the other.

Violet Appeal Agba: Clarity

Antoinette Zimmerman: “Happy” is my word.

Margie Hanson: connections!

Parrish Built: Remodel

Patty Farmer: My word is “BOLD”

While there are many words above that I’d like to add to my list, the word that came up for me when I asked myself this question was NURTURE – nurture myself, my relationships and my business.

Do any of the above words resonate with you? If not, please share your word for the new year down in the comment section below. Feel free to include the link to your Facebook page if you’d like others to connect with you as well.

I’d love to hear from you. Thanks to everyone who shared their word(s). Here’s wishing each and every one of you sweet success in the new year.

Debra Jason

Marketing & writing with heart, not hype at at The Write Direction
A recipient of the “Creative Person of the Year” award, Debra educates and empowers creative solopreneurs and enthusiastic business owners to create a lifestyle business that provides them with the flexibility, fun and freedom to do what they love. She also inspires you to communicate your marketing message in a way that captivates and converts your prospects into loyal, raving fans - even if you have been struggling with how to transform your ideas into words in the past.


  1. You got some great responses Debra. You can tell people have been looking ahead and making a plan.
    Julia Neiman recently posted…Thoughts About MoneyMy Profile

    • It was fun to see which word people had on their minds @Julia. And, @Victoria, you’re up there with Steve on the “adventure” front. Do you have any particular adventures planned?
      Thanks! ~Debra

  2. My word for this year: Adventure!
    Victoria Elam recently posted…Amazing 3D Sidewalk ArtMy Profile

  3. I have trips every month this year! 2 road trips, several train trips and flying to Kentucky and Miami!
    Victoria Elam recently posted…Amazing 3D Sidewalk ArtMy Profile

  4. Great page and what fab responses you got, think I have done enough travelling for a while, drove from Greece to France and moved around different areas here in France gonna take a breather til my feet itch again 🙂
    Cher recently posted…Stress Is A Killer – How Can You Protect yourselfMy Profile

    • @Cher, I love the Greek islands along with Paris & the south of France. Since it doesn’t sound like “travel” or “adventure” are your words, what one word would you choose to describe your outlook on 2013?
      Look forward to reading it. Thanks ~Debra

  5. I love them all! Will probably need to call upon each of them as well. Thanks!

  6. My word for 2013 is achieve!

    • Good one Laureen. I think “achieve” is something we all want to do. Achieve happiness, prosperity, success, etc.
      Are you aiming for personal achievement, professional, or a little of both? Thanks for sharing. ~Debra

  7. My Fb newsfeed is still dead, so I missed this whizz through. My word for this year is Focus, although there are several up there I can resonate with!
    Jan recently posted…Create Amazing Graphics With The Logo Creator (Drag n Drop Simple!)My Profile

  8. Thanks for a fun post Debra! My word for this year is strengths. It’s about building on my strengths and what I’ve already accomplished to keep growing, and helping my clients do the same.

    I had fun thinking about my themes in prior years and they tell the story of my business in a way:
    Focus, Leverage, Simplify and now Strengths.
    Cindy Schulson recently posted…4 Types of Income You Can Create in Your Service Based BusinessMy Profile

    • That’s a beautiful explanation of strengths @Cindy. And yes, it seems your themes in prior years certainly were steps that took you down the path that you’re on today.
      I’m sure your clients are grateful for the ways in which you help them grow and strengthen their businesses. Continued good luck to you as you build yours.
      Here’s to your sweet success. ~Debra

  9. @Debra I think it would have to be 2, settle and focus, but also getting married this year so #3 LOVE 🙂
    Cher recently posted…Stress Is A Killer – How Can You Protect yourselfMy Profile

  10. I did this in December as well! My words for 2013 are Implement and Focus.

  11. Hi Debra!!! I love this question!! Mine for this year is FUN! I want to find more of it in all areas of life, and am oh-so ready!! Bring on the fun! YAY!
    eyenie recently posted…“We Have All the Time in the World” {a Louis Armstrong-inspired mini-manifesto}My Profile

    • FUN is a great one Eyenie. I’ll toast to that as well. What’s your idea of fun? Is it outdoor activities like hiking & biking or something less strenuous like massages or spending an evening out with “the girls?”

  12. Hi Debra – my word for 2013 is RELEASE…works on 2 levels – release more products and services and escape the perfectionist pitfalls…and also the releasing of negative energy, toxic relationships, etc. – so its a bit of a yin/yang approach…

    my supporting words are:

    fruition – as in bring to
    culmination – as in the collective wisdom I will bring to bear
    realization – as in dreams once the releasing commences
    vision – as in the overall big picture plan

    Thanks for offering to let us share our plans for this year and helping to keep us accountable!
    Susan M. Baker recently posted…What is bootstrapping?My Profile

    • Susan, the way you’re looking at RELEASE is awesome. Love both levels. Here’s to letting go of negative energy and here’s to getting your “stuff” out there. I can relate to escaping the perfectionist pitfalls as well. Great list of supporting words, looks like there should be some juicy acronym there but with R, F, C, R and V and no vowel, I was challenged to come up with one.

      Thanks and keep me posted on your progress. ~Debra

  13. Thanks Debra! Yes, coming up with an acronym would be great – hmmmm – I’ll have to brainstorm that!
    Susan M. Baker recently posted…What is bootstrapping?My Profile

  14. Thanks for dropping by my place from the UBC. My word is Systems.

    Now where’s that pesky systems analyst to help me get them set up.
    Charlotte Henley Babb recently posted…Making New Worlds- Guest Post by Lawna MackieMy Profile

    • Charlotte, you may not need a systems analyst. Maybe take some quiet time to look at what you are doing – there may be a system there that you just don’t see yet. And yes, there may be some things you can outsource where someone else has the system in place. For instance, for me it’s accounting. While my dad was CPA, I don’t want to do my own taxes so I turn to an accountant to do it for me.
      Here’s to your sweet success. ~Debra

  15. My word for the year: balance.

    More specifically: better work-life balance.
    John Soares recently posted…My Criteria for Keeping a Print BookMy Profile

    • Hi @John, balancing one’s personal life with professional is a great one. I often find I have to schedule time for my personal life just like I would my business. It’s SO important to nurture ourselves. Here’s to finding your balance in 2013. Best, ~Debra

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