Think Re-Gifting Is Tacky? Think Again.

Regifts builds relationship captialThanks to guest blogger, Brian Kurtz.

So you think you look like a cheapskate when you re-gift?

Let me give you some examples of why the opposite is true–and these might inspire you to think of ways to deepen your contributions to heroes in your life without going to the store.

Hopefully you will see that it still is “the thought that counts.”

But you will also see that the gift is the critical part of the guaranteed delivery system of the thought.

Simply put, think “presence” over “presents”… but do both:

1. Reading is fundamental: Or, every book you receive as a gift which you own already is thoughtfulness ready for a mini-direct mail campaign.

When I receive a duplicate book, I immediately think, “Who in my life would this help, enhance or create value for?”

And then it’s the note with the book that shows how much you care and how much you were thinking about them…and if you need to admit it’s a “re-gift,” feel free.

2. Sugar is sweet but not for me: I often receive a lot of food that I don’t eat or can’t eat (e.g. sweets). I recently received something sweet and delicious from an exotic place (which was very thoughtful–I still sent a thank you note)–but unfortunately the delicacies in question were not on my “diet.”

But I remembered a good friend of mine had just vacationed in that exotic place where the sweet treats originated from so I sent him them to him with a special note saying how much he meant to me.

3. Promote the heroes in your life: Once, when I was hosting my first Titans Master Class meeting, I presented two (clean and new!) T-shirts I received for supporting a wonderful volunteer organization–to two of the members who sat on Hot Seats ​asking for feedback and advice from the group ​about their charity and giving.

These “re-gifts” were presented in public (I saved on postage too!)…and I included personal notes so I could tell each of them how much I admired their missions and ​commitment to​ giving.

4. The Endorphin rush:
The walk to the table in my office where I pile up my gift packages every day for different people in my life may not register as “exercise” on my Fit Bit; but every package makes someone else bigger and stronger…with care and intention. And there is no bigger achievement for me each day than figuring out how I can touch someone with something special just for them.

The reason I​ needed​ to hire an assistant who could come to my house once a week (no virtual assistant in The Philippines for me!) was precisely to take those packages to the post office once a week. Hey…I love this kind of “direct mail” but I don’t love standing on line in the post office.

5. Nothing is a “throwaway”: This is not about “one man’s or woman’s garbage is another’s treasure”…giving your unwanted goods, clothes etc. to charity is always a good thing to do.

But at least once a day, if I have not created a package for someone, I walk around my office​ or check ​my bookshelves​ or go to ​my storage closet and see what reminds me of whom…and a “Christmas card in July is born…”

As the great Jay Abraham taught me:

“Your relationship capital is the most valuable account in your portfolio.”

And the way to achieve “compound interest” on that account is to touch everyone in your life in the most meaningful ways…do it as often as you like or whenever the mood hits you…or whenever you’ve got some “junk” lying around.

Have you re-gifted something and touched someone recently? A book? Chocolate? Please share how you’re building relationship capital below because I’d love to hear from you. Thanks a million and here’s to your sweet success.

About guest blogger Brian Kurtz: Co-author of The Advertising Solution, Brian is proud to have cut his teeth in the offline world of direct marketing. Today, he finds that the principles he has followed over the past 30+ years all apply to any and all “new media.” He is enthusiastic about and committed to educating any and all online marketers who will listen. Find out how Brian generated a list of 9 million WITHOUT the Internet when you sign up here.