What Does Freedom Mean to You?

What does freedom mean to you?Happy 4th of July. Here in Colorado, after tragic wildfires have rocked the state, we’re having a fireworks-free 4th of July. Wherever you are, I hope your holiday is fun and safe.

Earlier in the week, in preparation for Independence Day, I posted a few tweets about freedom. Then, I got to thinking, “what does freedom mean to me?”

Here are 4 benefits that came to mind for me. . .

Freedom means I can:

1. Have my own business. I went to grad school for my Masters in Speech Pathology. Yet, after a few years in the field feeling dissatisfied, I changed careers. I changed a few times and when the day came (in 1989) to go out of my own, it was scary, but I had the freedom to do so.
2. Work the hours I choose. If I want to work 9 to 5, I can. If I want to take more than an hour lunch break (or even more than one break), it’s my decision to do so. More often than not, I tend to work longer hours as the owner of my own business than I did as an employee.
3. Make my own decisions. While I am accountable to my clients, I don’t have a boss looking over my shoulder telling me what to do or how to do it.
4. Travel when I want. These days, I don’t travel nearly as much as I used to. However, when my father was ill and I needed to be with him, as the owner of my own business, I had the flexibility to pick up and go to his side.

When I want to take time off, I can do so without going to my boss to ask for permission. Well, actually my “boss” (i.e. me) is probably a bit harder on myself than any other boss I had when I was employed.

I’m proud to be an American and grateful for the freedoms we enjoy. How about you? On this 4th of July, what does freedom mean to you? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below. I’d love to hear from you.

Debra Jason

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  1. Debra,
    A Colorado native, watching the news reports about the wildfires tears at my heart. I also wrote about Freedome (for tomorrow’s post). It was interesting to see how one word can mean so many different things to different people.
    Stay safe, and thank you for sharing your perspective on freedom.
    Peace and good.
    Chelle recently posted…Simple pleasures…. (this could become a habit, or at least a series)My Profile

  2. My heart is broken watching the news coverage of the fires in Colorado. I visited the Colorado Springs/Estes Park area a couple of times back in the 1970’s and know how beautiful it is there. The area where I live in upstate NY was hit by flooding in the wake of Tropical Storm Lee last September and part of my neighborhood was flooded. It’s not the same thing though- your neighborhood, your home, your belongings, gone in an instant. With flooding, you can sometimes salvage.
    Freedom, to me, is a very complex philosophy – you can make choices but you also have to live within those choices. It is so much harder living in freedom than having someone making those decisions for you.
    Know that people all over the country have Colorado in their thoughts and prayers.
    Alana ( recently posted…Wednesday Blooms – Red, White and BlueMy Profile

  3. I,like you Debra, have my own business and love the freedom it offers. However, like you I tend to work more hours than if I were an employee. Still there’s nobody telling me what I have to do and I love what I’m doing so it’s not “work”.
    I also agree with Alana that with freedom comes responsibility for the choices we make and we have to own them.
    But…I wouldn’t have it any other way.

    So sorry about all the fires. It must have been devastating for the people affected.
    Marie Farren recently posted…Welcome To Farren’s Natural CosmeticsMy Profile

    • @Marie, @Alana and @Chelle, the wildfires have been devastating for many. What I’ve discovered during times like this one is that everyone in the community rallies to help those in need. I experienced it on Kauai and see it now in Colorado. Thanks to each of you for expressing your concern.
      And, thanks for sharing your thoughts and perspectives on freedom. I think most of us who have our own businesses don’t mind having more responsibility on our shoulders because we also have more flexibility.
      Have a great day. ~Debra

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