Do You Know How to Say “Happy Birthday” in Hawaiian?

Birthdays are for connectingMost of you know that I just moved back to the mainland from the Garden Isle of Kaua`i. And, while you can take the girl out of Kaua`i, you can’t take Kaua`i out of the girl.

So, you’ll find that I still say aloha and mahalo, among other favorite Hawaiian words/phrases – one of which is “happy birthday.”

My celebration took place on Dec. 1st (21 again – LOL) and I continued my annual tradition of gathering friends – this time in Colorado (this pic was from last year’s gathering on Kaua`i).

Some people I know would rather ignore their birthdays, but those who know me know that I cherish the opportunity to bring friends and family together for the joyful opportunity to connect, celebrate love and laugh a lot.

You hear SO much about connecting and building relationships in business. Let’s not forget how important it is in our personal lives with family and friends.

So, how do you say “happy birthday” in Hawaiian? It’s hau`oli la hanau.

Whether celebrating a birthday or just the blessing of waking up to another beautiful day, I hope you have a blast! Have a birthday story you’d like to share (or a favorite Hawaiian word)? Please do so in the comments section below. I’d love to hear from you. Mahalo.