How Are You Celebrating Basic Goodness Day?

Celebrate Basic Goodness DayDid you know May 7, 2013 has been designated “Basic Goodness Day” by Sakyong Mipham, spiritual leader of the Shambhala Buddhist lineage?

This day offers you an opportunity to celebrate your own and others’ goodness. According to Sakyong Mipham’s Facebook page:

“All you have to do is know beyond doubt that you are good, that you possess inherent worth and value.”

“When you do, something extraordinary happens. You come into your power. Your confidence rises and your distrust lessens. Your world becomes full of possibility rather than hassles. You see that others also possess this goodness and your heart opens to them,” writes Sakyong Mipham.

Here are 6 ways you can celebrate this day:

1. If you are a parent, say or do something to affirm the goodness of your children and let them know they are worthy of love and kindness, no matter what.

2. If you are a boss, communicate this message to your employees.

3. If you are a coach, acknowledge your clients with gratitude. And, encourage them to pass the message along to their own clients.

4. If you’re a teacher, affirm this truth to your students and suggest that they do the same for their friends.

5. If you’re in a relationship, let your partner know what makes you smile when you see, hear, touch or think about him/her.

6. Blog about it.

“Such affirmations can come in the form of words, actions, or by simply thinking of another person and feeling kindness in your heart toward them, whether you speak it or not. Basic Goodness Day is about bringing out the natural tendency of your heart to open, express, and give. You can offer something to everyone you encounter on this day,” continues Sakyong Mipham.

Today, I will think of those I love who are no longer here with me and I will keep my heart open and express my love to those who are.

What will you do today to share your basic goodness? Please post your thoughts in the comment section below. I’d love to hear from you.

Debra Jason

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A recipient of the “Creative Person of the Year” award, Debra educates and empowers creative solopreneurs and enthusiastic business owners to create a lifestyle business that provides them with the flexibility, fun and freedom to do what they love. She also inspires you to communicate your marketing message in a way that captivates and converts your prospects into loyal, raving fans - even if you have been struggling with how to transform your ideas into words in the past.


  1. Debra –
    I’m so grateful for YOU! Thank you for being a wonderful friend. I’m so grateful for the technology of our time that allowed us to meet one another across the miles.

    One of the things that we do in our family is have a special phrase that we say as we leave one another. “I love you and I like you. Have a fantastic day!” It all started years ago when my son was young. I used to simply say “I love you.” His comment was that I had to love him, that was my job as his mom. I explained that regardless, I did love him and I also very much liked him as a person. From that point on, we started telling one another about what we liked about the other person as well as sharing our exit statement.

    I love you and I like you too Debra. Have a fantastic day!
    Stephanie LH Calahan ( recently posted…Increase Your Blog Traffic in 3 Easy Ways #InfographicMy Profile

    • David never ceases to amaze me with his wisdom Stephanie. He is an amazing young man and I love the special phrase you share.
      I am touched by your gratitude for our friendship. And I too am grateful for the technology that made it possible for us to initially connect across the miles. The icing on the cake was meeting face-to-face and uncovering a new life-long friend. Thanks my friend for acknowledging and celebrating the love. ~Debra

  2. Love that comment Stephanie – your son is a smart cookie!

    Thanks so much for sharing this Debra – I had no idea about
    the significance of May 7. I love it! I have to say the
    first thing that came to mind is the Ho’ponopono. It clears
    the space for Basic Goodness 🙂

    Peace & Love ~ Paula

    • Stephanie’s son is a very smart cookie Paula! He has really creative ideas and from what I’ve experienced, he’s wise beyond his years.
      I didn’t know about today being Basic Goodness Day until I received an email about it. Then, it inspired this post. Ho`oponopono is perfect for celebrating this day. Thanks! ~Debra

  3. Hi Debra. I started my basic good ‘deed’ yesterday by helping out a friend’s daughter in her absence with her passport police verification and saved the day. If the verification had not been completed, her passport renewal would have been declined and there would have been more hiccups later. I’ve always told her Mom that I consider her daughter as my own and I walked the talk – Coco came too for the verification process!

    I’ve spent time today with my family doing little things that they have been asking for since some time but we could not make the time and I gifted Coco a fluffy white puppy doll holding a sunflower with the words – I Love You. She deserves it for being my strong, silent companion!

    I’m tweeting your post and sharing it, my way of again asking, what would I do without your wonderful posts?
    Vatsala Shukla recently posted…Three Tips to Get Your Life Balance Back This WeekendMy Profile

    • I bet it felt good to come to the rescue of your friend’s daughter. It’s heartwarming to have friends’ children who you feel so close to Vatsala.
      Thanks for your kindness in tweeting and sharing this post with your peeps.
      It’s a pleasure to know you too! ~Debra

  4. Debra, your never-ending kindness and generosity is a model of basic goodness, and I’m so glad we’re friends! I recently heard a podcast with Sean Corn on Sounds True, and she said she learned long ago to see the soul and not the story of the person. That’s stayed with me. Everyone is shining with basic goodness!
    Gail Storey recently posted…Goodreads Giveaway of I PROMISE NOT TO SUFFER!My Profile

    • Thanks Gail. It touches my heart to see your kind words (along with others who have posted here). So glad we met and having done so, I can see that you are definitely someone who looks for the goodness in those you meet.
      Grateful to have connected with you. Thanks for sharing (and caring)! ~Debra

  5. I try to make everyday a “Basic Goodness Day” but it’s nice to know there is such a day to act as a reminder to others to stop long enough to give a kind word or share a hug with someone!
    Bonnie Gean recently posted…How to Duplicate a Blog PostMy Profile

  6. Debra,

    Thank you so much for sharing a delightful idea along the lines of random acts of kindness. Our world can never have too much goodness or kindness! I will certainly be spreading the good word!
    Sheri Conaway recently posted…May 8, 2013. Falling in like: not as easy as it seemsMy Profile

    • Thanks Sheri & Bonnie. As you both indicated, we can never share or bestow too much kindness and love on those around us. It’s a great idea to look at opportunities each day to let others know how they’re appreciated (as well as showing kindness to ourselves). Thanks for stopping by. Grateful to have you here.
      Thanks & have a great day. ~Debra

  7. I must tell my husband how much he means to me. Our time together could cease any day. This day is all important to do the things you want to be remembered for.
    Francene Stanley recently posted…May 9thMy Profile

    • Francene, it’s so important to “seize the day” and tell those we love just how much they mean to us. I bet your husband will be thrilled to hear what you have to say about how much he means to you.

      Susan, you’re welcome. I think everything happens for a reason so I’m glad that visiting my blog was timely for you. Appreciate your kind words. Thanks.

  8. Seeing the goodness in others is a big part of my mindset shift that I blogged about last month. So this is very timely for me. I hadn’t known about the day, so thanks for sharing it here. A lovely post – and full of wisdom.
    Susan recently posted…It’s a Cat’s LifeMy Profile

  9. So cool that you were a Creative Person of the Year Award. Congrats! This morning I asked for and gave a big hug to my husband, in my mission to give and receive 10 hugs a day. Part of sharing my basic goodness is sharing my gifts to the world: my books. I’m also helping others sharing their gifts to the world. Makes me so happy to do so. I think happiness comes with receiving it as well as giving it. On that note, I will give myself the gift of happiness by sitting in the sun today. Thanks for your post!
    Beth Barany recently posted…The Value of A Press Kit by Melinda PierceMy Profile

  10. Positive affirmations are the gift that just keep on giving. It can make someone’s day and change someone’s life!
    Michelle recently posted…AHA Moments from the NYC Mini Bloggy Boot CampMy Profile

  11. With so much negativity in the world it’s nice for us all to be able to share positive affirmations. “Be the best version of you”.
    Toni Nelson recently posted…Check Out These 5 Tips For Creating VideoMy Profile

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