Six Paths Offline That Increase Your Traffic Online – Part I

Six Paths to Increasing Online TrafficWith all the talk about search engine optimization (SEO) and how to increase your traffic with online marketing strategies, I thought it was time to stress the importance of continuing to promote your web site and/or blog offline.

Here are six strategic marketing paths you can implement offline that lead to increased traffic flow to your site:

#1. Put your URL on every piece of printed matter.

Your business card . . . your company or product brochure(s) . . . your fax cover sheet . . . every letter or communication you mail out.

Your business card isn’t your only calling card. Any promotional piece you hand out makes a statement about your company, whether it’s a letter or a direct mail package. Make sure your URL is on everything you mail, fax or hand out.

#2. Submit press releases to local newspapers and trade publications.

Yes, print publications are out there on the newsstands and you shouldn’t ignore them. Many people still prefer to read a newspaper or magazine in their hands vs. reading it on their computer or Kindle monitor. Therefore, be sure to send your press releases to them.

Authors Dick Connors and Jeffrey Davidson (Marketing Your Consulting and Professional Services. John Wiley & Sons, Inc.) point out that, “An effective method of marketing and promoting a professional practice is through the use of publicity and the local press. Effective publicity and public relations can contribute to your overall marketing effort at little or no cost and in many cases can be more effective than paid advertising and the publicity that paid advertising may “buy.”

The launch of a new a Web site or blog is definitely worth telling your local newspaper(s) about, as well as any trade publications in your field of business. Although this announcement may not always get written up as a feature article, many papers may mention it in a few lines under a “what’s new” section or the like. This coverage lets others know about your site and puts it in the public eye.

#3. Send “snail mail” announcements to your current mailing list.

Yes, it’s easier and less costly to send e-mail, but with so much e-mail overflowing in inboxes many folks are happy to receive something in their mailbox that isn’t a bill.

When I started my Web site I sent announcements to all the clients (past and present) and prospects on my mailing list. It helped:

a) Spark interest.
b) Put my name in front of people — reminding them of my business.
c) Gave more people the ability to see my capabilities online. It is a great opportunity to build client relationships and encourage enhanced relationships with prospects — without using a hard-sell approach.

Soon after I sent out notices announcing my Web site, a few things occurred. First, I went to check my e-mail and found several messages from clients complimenting me on what I had done. They had gone there immediately to “check it out.” Then, I found more messages from prospects and past clients — curious as to what I was up to — congratulating me on the content of my site.

And last but not least, the phone rang. Just sending out a notice was a gentle reminder to some clients that they needed to call me about a project!

Stay tuned for Part II where I’ll cover three more ways you can market offline in order to increase your traffic online.

In the meantime, have you used any of these first 3 offline strategies to generate leads to your web site or blog? If so, which ones worked best for you? Have a new one you’d like to add to the list?

Please share your thoughts in the comments section below. I’d love to hear from you.