Facebook Mistakes Commonly Made by Small Businesses: A Baker’s Dozen

FacebookI presented a course entitled, “Social Media, An Introduction” today. In this, the first of a two-part session, we explored blogging and Facebook. As you can imagine, in the time allotted, we barely scraped the tip of the iceberg. We could have gone on for hours.

One topic shared by my guest speaker, Chuck Lasker of Kauai Inbound Marketing, was 10 Facebook mistakes that small businesses often make (several of them come via Mashable). Take a look and see if any of these are on your list of “boo-boos.”

1. Setting up a group or personal profile for your business – a faux pas frowned on by Facebook.
2. Broadcasting (one-sided).
3. Not investing enough time.
4. Being boring or predictable.
5. Being too personal so it doesn’t enhance your brand.
6. Failing to learn about Facebook mechanics & tools.
7. Violating Facebook’s terms (i.e. spamming, privacy).
8. False posts – creating a “fake” personality so you can then post under that name on your own Fan Page. 🙁
9. Deleting the negative. Find a negative comment on your Fan Page? Instead of deleting it, how about addressing it in a positive fashion? It shows you care and gives you the opportunity to demonstrate outstanding customer service.
10. Disappearing. You create a Fan Page and then after a few posts, you stop posting and responding. What’s the point?

In addition to the Mashable list Chuck outlined, here are three more I’ve added (to make up the Baker’s Dozen):

1. Creating a Fan Page, but not letting your colleagues or peers know about it. Send an e-mail to those you know and ask them to visit your Fan Page and “like” it.
2. Not having a link from your Web site to your Fan Page.
3. Obtaining 25 fans and then forgetting to request the custom URL for your page.

Have a faux pas you want to share? Facebook is constantly evolving and changing. So, please offer up any valuable pointers you’ve discovered with your business’ Fan Page. Leave your comment here so others can learn from it. Thanks.


  1. When you post to your Fan Page, I believe it automatically goes to your personal page. I’ll have to double check on that.

  2. Gosh I wish everyone would have to take a training course before they sign up for Facebook that had this on it! So basic for so many of us but amazing to see that there are so many people still lost. I guess the world just needs more people like you to help out 😉 Great list!

    • Thanks Gwen. Since it’s growing so quickly, there are many people who are new to Facebook each day. In a Webinar I attended yesterday, the statistics revealed Facebook as the #1 social networking site that folks are using. Plus, Facebook changes things as well so just when you get used to one format, they offer a new one making it easy for some to “get lost” as you suggested.

      There’s always something new to learn, but having some basics under your belt & having a list of potential mistakes to avoid should certainly help lead the way. Appreciate your comments. Hope you’ll share the information with others. Have a great day.

  3. Debra – regarding your comment here: updates posted to your Fan Page should not automatically post to your personal page.

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