LinkedIn® Tip: Change is Coming, Back Up Your Profile

LinkedIn changesAs with all social networks (and with life, in general), things change.

Here’s a quick heads up that LinkedIn® is going to be making some changes to their desktop User Interface (UI). There are rumors flying about regarding which features they’re going to keep and which ones they’ll take away – especially for those using the free version.

The rumors I’ve heard so far are that they may take away the feature where you can track Relationships (i.e., notes, reminders, tags) as well as Advanced Search (which is a great feature). When I’ve messaged LinkedInHelp to ask about whether or not these were going to be removed, they did not say whether this rumor was true or not.

LinkedIn is rolling this out slowly so you may not notice any changes to your profile yet. However, you may want to do a couple of things at this point:

1. Save your profile as a .pdf Visit this link to find out how: to save your profile as a .pdf

2. Save an archive of your profile (i.e., 1st degree connections, account status, endorsements, inbox communications and more). Visit this link to find out how to do it and exactly what information will be archived:

Taking these steps will at least provide you with the most current information you have on your profile.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed that the changes prove to be beneficial for all.

Has your LinkedIn profile changed over to the new desktop user interface yet? If so, please share the changes you’ve seen and what your thoughts are about them because I’d love to hear from you. Thanks a million. Here’s to your sweet success.