2 Quick Tips for Optimizing Your Facebook Fan Page

Facebook logoI often speak about optimizing your Web site content to ensure it’s enhanced with keywords (I’ll be speaking on this topic Sept. 30th at the Search & Social Hawaii! Conference). Lately, in my social media presentations, the topic of optimizing one’s Fan Page has come up. Therefore, the time is right to provide some pointers.

Here are 2 quick tips I’d suggest you implement when creating or updating your Facebook Fan Page.

#1. Give careful thought to your Fan Page Name.
This is what shows up at the top of your Fan Page. Look at the image below and you’ll see that my colleague and consultant, Michele Scism uses “success strategies” and “women business owners” as two of her keyword phrases. So if you’re a Realtor, you might have your business name followed by “Denver Realtor” or “Selling Denver Real Estate.” Facebook Fan Page NameIf you’re a business coach, it might say “Coaching Businesses….” or “Business Coaching.”

Keep in mind that your Fan Page name is different than your username (that’s the name that goes in your Vanity URL). Once you have 100 fans or more, you won’t be able to change your Fan Page Name so give some thought to the keywords that give you the most leverage. (Of course, Facebook changes constantly so maybe they’ll change this in the future).

#2. Use keywords when you’re completing the INFO section of your profile.
Pay attention to:
a) The “About” section – this shows on the left hand side of your Fan Page and is “prime real estate.” Start it off with a keyword and a include a link to your Web site. This is one spot where you can put a live link that fans will see when they first get to your page. Facebook Fan Page About Section

For instance, if you look at the image to the left here, youll see I use “Copywriting tips at http://writedirection.com.” Notice that only 2-3 lines show up here before viewers see the “More” link – so maximize the space you have.
b) The Company Overview section offers a brief summary of your business and is a great place to include your keyword phrases.
c) The Description section is where you let your fans know how you can help them so enhance it with keyword phrases that are appropriate. Give them the benefits or WIIFM (“what’s in it for me?”).

The Info tab is indexed by Google so be sure you optimize your Fan Page when you’re setting it up. Or, if you’re already up and running, take another look and see how you can enhance what you have with keywords. As always, there is a balance between cramming your information with keywords and using them wisely so your content reads smoothly and makes sense.

Not sure which keywords work best for you? Go to Google’s Keyword Tool and search a keyword phrase. You’ll get a list that shows global and monthly searches for that keyword or those similar to it. You’ll discover what people are searching for and can use that to your advantage in all your Web marketing.

Have a tip or two you’d like to share? Feel free to post in the comments section below. I’d love to hear from you.