Are You Afraid of Writing?

Does writing frighten you?Happy Halloween!

This morning I opened The Artist’s Way Every Day, and once again gained inspiration from author Julia Cameron as she wrote about fear.

She wrote, “If you’ll pardon the levity, most of us are afraid of fear. We think it’s a bad thing. We know it’s a scary thing. We’re afraid of becoming afraid, scared of becoming scared.”

“Because so many of our experiences with fear have been negative, we fail to see fear as positive or useful. It is both. Let me repeat: Fear is positive and useful. . . . Fear tells us “Check this out.”

Are you afraid of writing? I’ll be honest with you here. As a copywriter, sometimes I am afraid of writing. I liken it to the stage fright actors/actresses feel before they go on stage. You know that “butterflies in your stomach” kind of feeling?

I fear that I won’t be inspired or find the “right words” to convey a message. When that happens, I give myself permission to take a break, breathe, go for a walk or I may even write in my journal (i.e. acknowledging the fear). I also remind myself that I can write a first draft, walk away from it and return later to make changes or rewrite it.

What about you? What are you afraid of?

Can you look at your fear and see something positive or useful in it? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below. I’d love to hear from you.

And, have a safe and happy Halloween.

Debra Jason

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  1. No, I don’t find it to be useful, or positive, because as a writer, it is stifling. What could be good about that? When I am not afraid, my writing is at its best. But I do think there are ways to manage fear, as you’ve suggested. Taking a walk, or getting a cup of tea, or even just taking a meditative moment before writing can help. I think it’s important, as you’ve intimated, not to let fear stop you.
    Jeanine Byers recently posted…Parting Thoughts: Reinventing Yourself and Your WardrobeMy Profile

    • Yes @Jeanine, fear can be stifling. It stops me in my tracks at times. That’s when I have to “check it out” as Julia Cameron suggests. She also wrote, “Fear asks that we check something for clarity.”
      After I’ve taken that walk or had a meditative moment, the fear may still be there, but there is a calming. Thanks for sharing your thoughts here. ~Debra

  2. “Fear asks that we check something for clarity.” ~~I like that. It’s cute!

    Is the sky REALLY going to fall if this article or blog post or … isn’t perfect? Oh, it WON’T be the end of my life as I know it?? Then, I guess I can proceed. 🙂
    Jeanine Byers recently posted…The Ultimate Blog Challenge Comes to an EndMy Profile

    • @Jeanine, as marketing professional Adam Urbanski has said “business is about completion, not perfection.” I tend to be a perfectionist, but sometimes it’s best to just let it go. As you said, is the sky REALLY going to fall if your blog post isn’t perfect? And, will readers think it’s not perfect or is it just in your own mind? Thanks for the conversation. ~Debra

  3. What a great post Debra! I’ve been meaning to comment on it since UBC! 🙂 One of my biggest fears is really putting 100% of myself into my project and not getting the results I *expect*…but expectations can be fear-inducers, can’t they? It’s so important to continue to hone in on our fears and see the treasures in them! Thank you! 🙂
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