25 Little-Known Facts About Me After 25 Years in Business

Hearts take flightIn November you may have seen a Facebook post going around where your friend(s) revealed several things no one knew about him/her. Each person who “liked” or commented on that post was then asked to reveal some little-known facts about themselves.

Last year, on the anniversary of my business, I revealed 24 things you didn’t know about me. So, this year, inspired by the Facebook post – and celebrating 25 years in business – I’m adding 25 more little-known facts.

1. I remember crying at the door to my kindergarten room when my mom took me to school for the first time.

2. When a new bank was being built in my neighborhood, I kept showing up asking about a job. I had no banking experience, but the President said I was hired because I was persistent in my pursuit.

Debra Jason Playing Piano3. As a kid, I started playing the piano without taking lessons. I thought the numbers on the music sheet corresponded to my fingers and it just so happened, it sounded okay when I played. I did take lessons eventually, but only lasted a year. Being told I HAD to practice took the fun out of it.

4. I was 16 years old when I started college (The City University of NY at Queens College).

5. I lived at home when I went to college. However, in my last year, my family moved and let me stay in our apartment until it sold. I lived there for close to a year with no furniture other than a cot that I slept on.

6. I started college as a Fine Arts major. I loved art classes in high school and got “A”s for effort. I really couldn’t draw a human figure, so I decided Art was not in the cards for me and switched my major to Communication Arts & Sciences.

Queen Elizabeth II Cruise7. When I was 18 my mother (who was a travel agent at the time) took me on a two-week cruise to the Caribbean on the Queen Elizabeth II (QE2). I almost didn’t go because I had Neil Young tickets. Thanks to my friends who convinced me I’d be crazy not to go on the trip. I met one of my lifelong dear friends Linda (R.I.P.) on that cruise (that’s us to the left).

8. On that QE2 cruise, I dated a croupier who worked in the casino at the craps table. When my mom, my tall, skinny British beau and I walked off the ship and told my dad “Nicky’s spending the night,” my dad almost “sh*t” a brick.

9. At 19, my girlfriend and I traveled cross country. Our parents said “Don’t hitchhike.” So, we took a bus from NY across Canada to British Columbia. Then, we hitchhiked down the coast from Washington to California.

Club Med Martinique10. In my twenties, I took my first Club Med vacation in Martinique. Loved it, applied for and was offered a position as a dance instructor/hostess. I was a speech therapist in the schools at the time and felt obligated to keep my contract so I didn’t go to Club Med. Looking back, I think I should have!

11. I love chocolate.

12. About 2 years ago, I stopped drinking coffee for no particular reason. Just stopped making it one morning.

13. I miss good Chinese food. Have never found a restaurant outside of New York that offers food as good as New York Chinese food.

14. Even after 25 years in business, I have moments of doubt & fear.

15. I once lost a project because I asked the client to sign a contract. He was insulted saying “I work on a handshake.” I called my mentor in tears and his response was “that’s your client’s loss.”

16. I don’t own a TV, but I will admit to watching “The Voice” on hulu.com

17. I live in Colorado and don’t ski. I lived on the island of Kaua`i for 10 years and didn’t surf.

18. I love long walks, but am not one to hike fourteeners. Same with riding bikes – give me some nice flat land (like Martha’s Vineyard), not a steep climb up a mountain.

19. I don’t like to talk politics. I know, I said this last year too, but it’s still true so let’s change the subject. OK?

20. I started keeping diaries as a kid – still have them. I stopped for many years and picked it up again as a young adult. Today, I write “Morning Pages” (thanks Julia Cameron) daily (well, almost daily).

On the beach w/Ike21. While I love Boulder, I miss living across the street from the Pacific Ocean and taking long walks on the beach with my dog, Ike (R.I.P.).

22. I wrote poetry as a teenager. I submitted my poems to several publishers back then and was politely rejected.

23. In 1998, the Boulder Chamber of Commerce presented me with the Small Business of the Year Award. I was honored for outstanding accomplishment as a single-person business.

Mom & Dad24. I want to love and be loved, nurture and be nurtured.

25. I miss my parents every day (I said this last year,but want to say it again). I hope they’re proud of me and often wonder what they would say to me today..

Want to reveal a little-known fact about yourself? Please do so in the comment section because I’d love to hear from you. Thanks & here’s to your sweet success.