Dance to Success Even if You Have Two Left Feet

Dance to Success Even If You Have Two Left FeetYou work hard to put your best foot forward to market your business – gaining exposure, serving clients and finding new ones.

Yet, there are days where frustration can throw you off beat. Days when that proposal you worked so hard on gets turned down . . . a client is late paying you and you can’t track them down . . . a prospect who expressed interest is no longer responding to your calls or emails.

When days like that disrupt your rhythm, here’s what you can do . . . DANCE! Yes, even if you have two left feet, you can dance to success.

Here are five “dance steps” for putting one foot in front of the other, keeping your rhythm in check so you can serve others in the best way you know how.

D is for Dream, Desire and Determination.
You have a dream but that’s not enough. You need the desire to pursue it and to do so with determination. As I wrote in my book, Millionaire Marketing on a Shoestring Budget(TM), the highest level of success comes from conviction, commitment and persistence. Go forward with your pursuit, but be consistent and persistent in your efforts as you reach for your dream.

A is for Authenticity.

That word gets used a lot, but it’s because it’s true. Be genuine. Be true to yourself. When you’re writing copy, your marketing content should resonate with your audience AND when you get on the phone the personality you portray online should be the same personality on the phone.

President of the Minnesota chapter of the National Speakers Association, my colleague Annie Meehan says this with regard to professional speaking, “Being authentic means being true to who you are on and off the stage . . . Be the best version of yourself and be the same person in different circumstances.”

And, if you’re like me, occasionally suffering from the symptoms of “comparisonitis,” remember what Scott Stratten, author of UnMarketing, says, “If you’re authentic to yourself, you won’t have competition. Be you.” Don’t forget to celebrate yourself, your unique gifts and talents, because there’s only one you.

N is for Nurture.
I’m no longer a believer in the 24/7 hustle and grind. The only hustle you should be doing is the NY Hustle – the dance made popular in the height of the disco era. Self-care is extremely important and working so hard that you suffer from burn out, is not my idea of fun.

Another line from my book is, “When you nurture yourself, you nurture your business.” From taking time to meditate or write in a journal to getting a mani/pedi or massage, remember to find time to nourish your soul and your spirit. Take a walk in nature . . . smell the roses . . . whatever floats your boat.

C is for Creating Connection.
Related to the step above (i.e., N is for Nurture) is nurturing your network. Marketing is about building and cultivating relationships. Create connections by staying in communication (another “C” word) with your prospects and clients, share valuable information and resources with them (not just pitching them).

In addition, stay connected with your colleagues as they can be wonderful resources. I have often referred other copywriters when I can’t take a project on or don’t have the required skills a prospect is seeking (i.e., technical writing). And, in the world of speaking, my speaker colleagues not only refer one another for speaking engagements, but have given me great advice and pointers when I’ve needed it.

E is for Engagement, Energy and Enthusiasm.
When you’re writing copy, you want your marketing content to be so engaging that your readers not only keep reading, but they respond to your call-to-action. If your message comes across in a way that touches their emotions (another “E” word), they’ll be excited and enthusiastic about moving forward and reaching out to you.

When you’re delivering a presentation, you want your content to be engaging so that your audience leans in and wants to know more. Keep in mind, that engagement doesn’t just mean having them interact with you or one another. When I’m speaking, I strive to engage the audience with the energy and enthusiasm in my voice. If I were to stand in front of the room, dull and monotone, I would lose them as soon as I said, “Hello.”

What are you doing to put your best foot forward so that you too can dance to success even if you have two left feet? Try the above five dance steps or perhaps you have a favorite “move” you’d like to share. Please post it in the comment section below because I’d love to hear from you. Thanks a million.

Here’s to your sweet success!