A Not-So Secret Recipe for Marketing Success

Recipe for Marketing SuccessWhen you’re baking or cooking, before you get started, you need all the ingredients necessary to complete the recipe. Perhaps you lay them out on the kitchen counter. Or, if you don’t, you probably have them in your cabinet or fridge.

The same holds true for your marketing success.

Whether you’re just starting your business or you’ve been around, but you’re preparing to launch a new website or print a brochure to promote a new product/service/program, you need to be prepared – ahead of time – with three key ingredients to ensure a smooth recipe.

I say it’s a “not-so secret” recipe because you probably know these three elements. However, I’m surprised – during an information-gathering session with clients – how often they are not clear or well-defined.

Blend These Three Ingredients for a Recipe for Marketing Success

Here are some questions you can ask yourself. Give them some thought, write down the answers and you’ll be well-prepared. Blend these three ingredients and move forward with a recipe for marketing success.

Ingredient #1. Understanding Your Market

Who do you want to speak to? (The tone of your advertising will differ if you’re trying to reach single men, 18-25 years old vs. professional men between 50-60.  Take a look at Car & Driver magazine vs. an issue of Inc.)

Think not only about the demographics of your prospects (i.e., age, sex, education, income, career, marital status, etc.), but what are the psychographics? What are their values?

What is their lifestyle like?  Do they dine out a lot or eat at home?  Do they use credit cards often or pay with cash?  Do they enjoy vacations by the beach or skiing in the mountains? Do they have a history of investing in programs/services to boost their business?

What motivates your audience? Think about the challenges, issues they face. What has them pulling their hair out or what keeps them up at night?

Ingredient #2. Understanding Your Product

What is your product/service/program? Not just physically (if it applies), but what does your product do? (NOTE: When I refer to “product,” it could be a product, service or program you’re marketing.)

When thinking about your audience, I suggested you think about the biggest issue your prospects/customers face. Now, think about how your product solves that issue. How do you help make their lives (personal or professional) easier?

Remember WIIFM – “What’s in it for me (i.e., “me” being your customer or prospect)?” List the benefits of your product vs. its features. If you have a list of features, convert them into benefits (Feature: A pencil has an eraser. Benefit = “Write down your thoughts without worry because you can always go back and fix them.”).

Once you have identified your market, the biggest issue they face and how your product/service/program solves that issue, you’re ready to move on to ingredient number three . . .

Ingredient #3 – Understanding Your Marketing Message

You want your message to resonate with your audience. When they read it or hear it, they think, “Yes, that’s me. You understand what I’m going through.”

You know the challenges/issues they face (ingredient #1). You have a solution to help them resolve that issue (ingredient #2). Next, you want to fill in the blanks to this 4-step formula (ingredient #3). . .

I help _________________ (insert your audience).
Do, get or gain _______________ (insert a benefit).
Even if _____________ (insert an obstacle).
So that _____________ (insert a benefit or solution. By the way, “so that” can go on ad infinitum).

The above formula is designed to help you get a clear idea as to what your message is. You don’t have to use the exact wording above. I encourage you to play with so it feels natural (not robotic).

For instance:
“I empower solopreneurs to communicate their marketing message in a way that captivates and converts their prospects into loyal, raving fans even if they are struggling with how to transform their ideas into words so that they can attract a steady stream of happy clients so that they increase their income so that they can live a lifestyle that provides them with the flexibility, freedom and fun to do what they love.”

Now you have the “not-so secret” recipe for marketing success. As you plan to prepare your marketing materials (i.e., website, landing pages, emails, print collateral), share these three ingredients with your copywriter and web/graphic designer. Working as a creative team, you can take your recipe and serve up a message that communicates with your audience, engages them, and motivates them to contact you.

Do you have these three ingredients ready? Or do you have an ingredient you’d like to add to the “not-so secret” recipe? Please share your ideas in the comment section below because I’d love to hear from you. Here’s to your sweet success!

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