A Little LinkedIn® Tip That Packs A Powerful Punch – Update

LinkedIn Tip During one of the workshops I present titled, “Unleashing the Lead-Generating Power of LinkedIn®,” I point out a little tip about customizing your LinkedIn URL.

Most often, the people in the audience don’t know what I’m referring to. They aren’t aware that they have the ability to customize their LinkedIn URL (that’s one reason I share this with them).

You see, when you sign up for a Profile, LinkedIn assigns you a lengthy URL that looks something like this:


Now, imagine you’re printing new business cards or creating your email signature and you want to put the URL there. Would you even remember the above link? Not likely.

So why not make it easy on yourself & others? LinkedIn lets you personalize your profile URL quickly and easily so you can have a URL that reads http://linkedin.com/in/yourname. In addition, LinkedIn says that when you have a customized LinkedIn URL you’re more likely to show up higher in a browser’s search results.

Here are the 4 steps for customizing your LinkedIn URL. Follow them and you’ll be done:

1. Go to your LinkedIn Profile and in the right-hand sidebar you’ll see “Edit Your Public Profile URL.” Click on that.

2. Now on the right-hand sidebar you’ll see “Edit Your Custom URL.” When the box opens up there’s another little blue pencil next to the URL. Click on that.

Edit your LinkedIn URL
3. Yet another box opens up. This one also says “Edit Your Custom URL”
Customize your LinkedIn URL
It should show you a URL with your name autofilled and below the URL it says “Note: Your custom URL must contain 3-100 letters or numbers. Please do not use spaces, symbols, or special characters.
If you want to use your name the way they have it auto-filled, then move to step #4. Otherwise, you can change the name in the box to whatever you want to use.

4. Click the button that says “Save.” If your name is available, you’re good to go. If not, LinkedIn will suggest alternatives or you can enter a new one that you prefer.

That’s it. Just 4 simple steps and you’re set. This little LinkedIn tip packs a powerful punch when you want to connect with others.

Just share your easy-to-remember URL and don’t forget to incorporate it in all your marketing (i.e. email signatures, business cards, website, etc.).

The powerful punch you get by implementing this little tip? LinkedIn reports that once you customize your URL, your profile is likely show up higher in a browser’s search results.

When you’ve made the change, share your new custom URL with me. Thanks a million and here’s to your sweet success!