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Ike - fear not FacebookWhy is there a photo of my golden retriever in a post about Facebook?

Well, once again Ike serves as my inspiration. Sad to say, on April 14th, Ike passed on into the spirit world. As many of you know, who have read about Ike here, he was a treasured gift in my life.

So what does he have to do with Facebook? No, Ike did not have his own Facebook page, but when I posted a status update about Ike’s passing I was overwhelmed by the outpouring of loved I received. After reading so many touching messages that filled my heart with love, I was grateful for Facebook.

I thought of the many people I’ve come across who fear Facebook. Who say they don’t want anything to do with it because of their concerns about privacy. And, I must say, there are times I’m not so sure those Private Messages on FB are quite private so I still resort to other forms of communication when I have something I don’t want others to read on this (or any other) social network.

However, I now say “fear not Facebook,” because those messages I received came at a time of deep grief and though I shed many tears I also found so much comfort and felt so much love from people around the country. Some know me & knew Ike personally. . . some know me and never had the pleasure of meeting Ike . . . some only know me online, but have never met either Ike or me in person. Yet, the one thing in common among each message was the sincere compassion and heartfelt thoughts everyone sent my way.

You don’t have to wait to lose a loved one to discover the positive power of Facebook. I also find it uplifting at birthdays when friends and colleagues send their wishes for a joyful birthday celebration. If you’ve feared the social network, give it a second thought. You may still decide against it or you may discover the beauty of networking with others near and far (and how good it can make you feel).

A big thank you to all of you who showered me with love these last few days. Your messages are still coming in and again, I am SO grateful for each and every one I receive!

Whether it’s about a beloved pet or person, do you have a beautiful Facebook story you’d like share? Please post it in the comments section below. I’d love to hear from you.

Debra Jason

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  1. Privacy issues are a big concern on social sites, in the whole internet, and beyond. For real reasons.
    But the internet connects us in many ways, offers almost countless possibilities, and holds many surprises — pleasant or not.
    Didn’t know about Ike, but I’ve had, have, and probably will have dogs and/or animals. We are alone, and yet we’re not, in our grief. 😉
    Eleni Poulakou recently posted…Writing Proposal: Whose Door Are You Knocking?My Profile

    • @Eleni, yes privacy is not to be taken lightly online.
      I’ve connected with many wonderful people via social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter. What’s even better is when I get to meet them in person. I’ve had the opportunity to do so a few times.
      Dogs are loyal companions, full of love in their hearts – wanting only to please you. Whenever you decide to get another one, I’m sure he/she will be a miracle in your life. ~Debra

  2. I have also experienced so much love and compassion from people on Facebook in the face of my own losses and emergencies. I’ve made new friends and hope to meet them in person sometime. One of the most touching things to me was after the large earthquake in Japan last year – our friends in Europe heard about it before we did and were posting on FB and calling to make sure we were aware and evacuating to higher ground if necessary. It was a good vehicle for instant communication about what was happening there and here.

    • @Peggy, while the tsunami scare was frightening, I bet it was comforting to know your friends were watching out for you. Twitter is another vehicle for getting the word out quickly in such situations.
      Thanks for sharing your perspective. ~Debra

  3. I just posted pics on my blog of my dogs. They become like family and it is so hard to lose them. My sympathies on your loss. Facebook is a great medium for receiving support on such issues, to be sure.
    Cindy Brown recently posted…How Do I Get This Fuzzball Off My Nipple?My Profile

    • @Cindy, Penny, Buddy & your pups are beautiful. Our canine companions are definitely family. From one dog love to another, thanks for taking the time to reach out and share your thoughts and compassion. ~Debra

  4. Debra,

    I am so sorry for the loss of your dog Ike. Dogs are such good companions, and, I am sure you miss him terribly.
    This is a wonderful post. I feel the same way. When my dog died, I was comforted by my Facebook family, friends and acquaintances. A few months later, my dad passed away and I posted a tribute to him. The outpouring of sympathy and loving thoughts was overwhelming and so much appreciated during such a sad time for our family.

    • Thanks SO much @Sheila. I do miss Ike every day. He was my loyal companion.
      Sad to say, a few days after Ike passed, a dear friend of mine also passed on. I watched on Facebook as his wife and his friends posted beautiful photos and expressed their love.
      It was heartwarming, touching and, I think, very healing for everyone. Sending hugs and gratitude. ~Debra

  5. Beautiful.. Thanks Debra. I know exactly what you mean. My friend just put a post that his great Dane Beau has just died and you know so much love will flow his way.
    Spread the love by whatever means, the world needs so much of it for healing!
    Thank you and Ike for your wisdom and sharing
    Rosemary XX

    • Hi @Rosemary, thanks for stopping by and reading about my beautiful golden boy, Ike. I think your friend will receive an onslaught of loving, caring messages from those who know him and his love for his Great Dane, Beau. Yes, we can all use a little healing and nurturing love. Thanks again. ~Debra

  6. Cannot believe a year has gone by since you uploaded this post, Debra. It still holds so much relevance. I’m sure Ike is watching from the Doggy Heaven reserved for loyal friends and companions for us humans and thinking, “I’m still The Dog”! I feel the same about my former dachshund family members, the last of whom went ahead of Ike in June 2008.

    • Yes, Vatsala it’s hard for me to believe a year has already flown by. Ike’s spirit is with me all the time. Although, he thought he was human – not a dog! He was the best. Thanks. ~Debra

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