What Do I Have in Common with Bonnie Raitt, James Taylor and Paul Simon?

What Does a Copywriter Have in Common w/Bonnie RaittI’m not an iconic musician or singer/songwriter like Bonnie, James or Paul, but as of July 10, 2019 I now have something in common with all three of them!

Like them, I performed live on the stage at Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre in Morrison, Colorado. No, I didn’t solo. I sang back up in the Coal Creek Community Chorus accompanying Face Vocal Band.

Face is an amazing a cappella group comprised of five extremely talented vocalists who also run Face Academy of Music. Well-known across Colorado, they headlined at Red Rocks and invited several choruses (totaling approx. 300 people) to join them on stage for two numbers: Hallelujah and From Now On.

Moonlight at Red Rocks Amphitheatre For those who may not know, Red Rocks is the only geologically formed, open-air amphitheater in the world. It is an iconic location where bands from The Beatles (in 1964 – their only unsold out show in the U.S.) to U2 have sung their hearts out among two, three hundred-foot monoliths (known as Ship Rock and Creation Rock). According to the park’s website, these monoliths provide acoustic perfection for any performance (not to mention they make for magnificent photos).

Stop Whining. Just Do It!

Believe it or not, at first I was tentative about the idea. Why? For silly reasons like, I don’t know anyone else in the chorus all that well, the drive back from Red Rocks to Boulder in the dark is not fun (to me), between the sound check and performance it’s going to eat up a whole day. Whine. . . whine . . . whine.

CRAZY I know and gratefully, I changed my tune and said, “Go for it.” After all it’s RED ROCKS, how could I not take advantage of this incredible once-in-a-lifetime opportunity?

It was a mind blowing, exhilarating and emotional experience that left this copywriter speechless. From the sound check in the afternoon to the performance later that night, everything about it was incredible.

Copywriter Debra Jason Singing at Red RocksWhen I posted photos of this on LinkedIn (that’s me in the yellow circle), I hesitated because I thought, “It’s not business-related.” However, one of the things I believe is that when you nurture yourself, you nurture your business. So I posted it on the business network and guess what? It became a trending post on LinkedIn for the hashtag #gratitude. Which, in turn, motivated me to share it with you here as well.

What Nurtures Your Soul?

One way to nurture myself is to sing so last year I found this chorus to participate in. And, even though we’re called the Coal Creek Community Chorus, this Red Rocks performance brought this community even closer together. It nurtured relationships. For those who know me, you know I treasure and cherish the value of relationships. I speak about how marketing, like life, is all about cultivating relationships.

However, I’m not writing about marketing, copywriting, or LinkedIn in this post. The purpose of this is to affirm the importance of taking time outside of your business to do things that nurture your soul.

What is that for you? Do you sing, dance, paint? What activities outside of your business nurture your spirit and soul? Please share your comments below because I’d love to hear from you. Thanks a million.