Sell – It’s a 4 letter word, but not a naughty one.

Sell Is Not a Naughty WordIn the December 2011 edition of deliver magazine, I read an insightful column in their “Leader Column.” As of today, the column is not posted on their Web site, but it was thought-provoking so I want to share some quotes from the piece and ask for your feedback.

First, the title. “Four letters, yes. Naughty word? Never.” The word it refers to is “SELL.”

For me, the idea of selling was something to avoid – so much so that, many moons ago, when friends suggested I become a sales rep (in the clothing industry), I said “no way, I don’t want to sell.” However, after starting my own business, 23 years ago (Jan. 1st was my anniversary), I quickly discovered that I couldn’t be in business without selling. Can you?

It’s the business we’re in – when we’re in business. So as I read this column I smiled and decided it was worth sharing some of the insightful thoughts I found there with you (NOTE: I’d happily credit the author, but none was cited).

“Many marketers bend over backward to avoid using the S-words. Asked what we do for a living, not a few of us prefer words like “marketer,” “communication professional,” . . . anything but sales.”

“Your job may be strategizing, creative-directing, writing, designing . . . or what-have-you-ing. But the raison d’etre of the direct mail you create is to complete a transaction or generate a lead. Which is another way of saying that your job’s raison d’etre is to – guess what – sell.”

“To be sure, we can call ourselves marketers (and so forth) if want, and there is not harm in it – provided that we avoid slipping into denial about what marketing truly is.”

“What you call your profession is your business. But let’s proudly own selling as the point of what we do, and allow it to drive our work. And let’s remind the naysayers that responsible selling as described above is both socially beneficial and needful.”

So, what say you? Is selling a 4-letter, naughty word in your book? Or, are you proud to say you’re a success because of your ability to sell?

Please share your comments below because I’d love to hear from you. Thanks a million!

Here’s to your selling success.