Seven Reasons Why People Fear Video Marketing

Fear of video marketingThanks to guest blogger, Bonnie Gean.

I don’t like admitting that it took me 22 years to benefit from one simple marketing strategy, but now I want to prevent you from making the same mistake.

Likewise, I hope you take the information to heart and use it to gain momentum for your business much faster than I did!

I am talking about video marketing, and even though it is more affordable than ever to produce a video, many entrepreneurs refuse to contribute. As a result, they are not experiencing the benefits associated with video production and viral marketing.

Don’t let this happen to you!

Since we all know that customers buy from people they know, like and trust, it makes perfect sense to indulge in video marketing because this type of activity helps prospects learn about you much quicker than they would through a blog post.

However, there are reasons why people fear video marketing. Do any of these resonate with you?

Here are the most recent 7 shared with me this past week:

• I don’t like my voice.
• I don’t look good on camera.
• I cannot afford to buy video equipment.
• I don’t have enough time.
• I am not brave enough.
• I don’t have anything valuable to share.
• I am not popular enough.

These are just a mere handful of excuses that people claim as valid reasons for not creating video. Personally, I believe they are stories people tell to justify the unwillingness to take action!

It’s time to debunk these excuses once and for all.
Watch this video (or, if you prefer, you may read the content posted just below the video).

#1. I don’t like my voice – It’s not about YOU, it’s about your audience. If some people do not like your voice – that is on their shoulders, but don’t use this excuse as a crutch. Kick excuses to the curb and serve the people who need your help. (Note: you can create videos without any speech.)

#2. I don’t look good on camera – You probably don’t like having your picture taken either, but you are not here to win a beauty contest. Likewise, you can create screen cast videos that do not require you to sit in front of the camera (just like the one Debra created above to go along with this blog post.).

#3. I cannot afford to buy video equipment – Use your cell phone or iPad. These electronics will do just fine for creating a short 2-minute video. If you do not own either device, download a copy of Open Office, which offers presentation software similar to Microsoft PowerPoint.

#4. I don’t have enough time – I get up earlier in the morning to give myself the gift of time. Waking up 30 minutes earlier to record a short video is doable; you will not miss the extra half hour of sleep.

#5. I am not brave enough
– Be afraid and do it anyway. That is what I did. Your fears will subside as time goes by. Think back to former days when you dreaded doing other ventures the first time; repetition cures all doubts.

#6. I don’t have anything valuable to share – If this were true, you would not be a blogger sharing information in written form. Video is just another format to deliver the same information.

#7. I am not popular enough
– Video marketing is not a popularity contest, but your reputation will grow as you continue to share relevant information for viewers to enjoy.

Having a video content strategy is great for building authority, branding your business and gaining loyal followers. I waited 22 years to connect to an audience through video, but you don’t need to!

Some people prefer to read while others favor content through video. Serve your audience the kind of content they fancy and you will find it much easier to attract a community that likes, trusts and buys from you.

Are you afraid of video marketing? Post your fear below because I’d love to hear from you. And, I’d like to see if I can debunk that fear for you.

Bonnie GeanAbout guest blogger, Bonnie Gean: Bonnie is a community strategist who is currently offering a video blogging challenge through a private community on Google Plus. To join her private community or to learn more about video blogging, visit her at