Are You Ready for Commitment? Blabbing with Kim Garst About Social Media Marketing

Committed to RelationshipsIn September, my guest on the Marketing Blab with Debra, was Kim Garst, founder and owner of Boom! Social. During the show we blabbed about the importance of commitment. “Social selling involves being committed to relationship building so that you can ultimately build the know, like & trust factor so that people will buy from you,” said Kim.

When I speak to audiences about marketing, I explain that it’s all about relationships. And Kim’s attitude is in alignment with that concept. She explained that she works on building relationships with people, trying to communicate with people that she routinely sees online versus just everybody.

“I love social because you get to meet, talk to, engage with and do business with people you would never, in the ordinary course of life, have the opportunity to connect with. If you are interested in growing your business, which usually involves selling something, then you have to invest in the relationships. As business owners, we have to realize it’s not just one sale. It’s a relationship that you continually have to foster.

Keep the Personal Side and Build Relationships

You’ve probably heard this more than once – social media marketing is about being social. “It’s important to actually talk to people on social media. It’s not just about sending out a tweet or posting something on Facebook. It’s about engaging with the people who engage back,” Kim continued.

One of the reasons I jumped aboard the Blab wagon is because of the engagement it delivers. As we continued our Blab session, Kim confirmed she enjoyed the platform for the same reason.

“I push out of my comfort zone with the live streaming we’re doing now. It’s because I can actually get that live feedback, engage and build relationships. I have built amazing relationships leveraging this live streaming concept because you get that personal connection. Don’t forget to talk to people. Don’t think you can just tweet, set it and go. It doesn’t work that way. You really do have to talk to people and engage.”

“All content is a door opener to a relationship. It’s up to you. Once you put it out and people start engaging with it, it’s up to you to open up the door and let them in,” Kim continued.

Accelerate the Relationship Process with Live Streaming Platforms Like Blab

In life, it takes time to nurture relationships. It’s the same with social networking. With live streaming platforms such as Blab, the process of cultivating relationships is – as Kim puts it – “skinnied up” dramatically.”

With live streaming you have the face-to-face connection while building the know, like and trust factor at a super accelerated rate. Platforms like Blab shorten the time you would normally spend building and cultivating, not only content, but the relationship side of it as well on social media.

“Some of my best friends and best relationships are on the other side of the computer screen,” shared Kim. “There is a balance. It is important to have those “real” connections (i.e., in real life). When you meet in real life, it’s invaluable, it takes the relationship to a whole other level,”

I agree with Kim wholeheartedly. The relationships I have established online – from Blab and Facebook to Instagram and Twitter – have stepped up a notch once I met with those peeps face-to-face.

Watch my interview with Kim on the Marketing Blab with Debra below:

Are you committed to building and nurturing relationships? Do you engage when connections reach out on social platforms? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below because I’d love to hear from you. Thanks a million and here’s to your sweet success.