Are You Rich in Friendships?

Are you rich in friendships?December 1st was my sixtieth birthday. Yes, you read correctly – the big 6-0.

I love celebrating birthdays and have had a party every year of my adult life. Everyone asks, “How does it feel?” and most years, it doesn’t affect me.

I didn’t think 60 affected me either until a couple of weeks before my birthday. I had a melt down. I was feeling sorry for myself as my life didn’t look as I had pictured it might at this age. However, here’s what I did . . .

I allowed myself to have a “pity party,” for all of about 15 minutes (well, maybe it was 30). I cried, wrote in my journal and even did some tapping (for those who know about EFT). Then I took time to be grateful, recognize all the wonderful relationships (and things) I DO have in my life and reminded myself that 60 is just a number.

Shortly thereafter, I saw a wonderful YouTube video where an 80-year old woman was dancing salsa on “Britain’s Got Talent.” And then, a 90-year old woman who, to celebrate her 5 years as a cancer survivor, got her first tattoo.

Toasting Friendship & RelationshipsI always say, “You’re as young as you feel,” but for that brief period, I wasn’t feeling it. Then, these two women cemented that mantra in my mind. The “pity party” did not stop me from having my annual birthday celebration this year. Two dear friends hosted the evening at their home and I was surrounded by many friends and family. I looked around me and made a toast thanking them for being in my life.

When I feel lonely, I know that I have family, friends and colleagues who remind me that I am not alone. No matter what age you are, I believe that we are wired for connection and relationships (it’s one reason I’m getting out and speaking professionally – to connect with people, smile and see them face-to-face).

ConnectionI am grateful – very grateful – because I am rich in friendships. Are you? Please share your thoughts below because I’d love to hear from you. Thanks and here’s to your sweet success.