Writer’s Block? Here are 47 places to find blogging inspiration

Writer's block? 49 ideas for blogging inspirationWhen I was writing my book, it happened! That dreaded writer’s block.

One day, even though I had an outline, I looked at the keyboard and just wasn’t inspired. That one day turned into two weeks. It’s happened when blogging as well.

Has it happened to you?

I’m guessing it has at some point in time. Whether you’re writing a book or a blog, sometimes you just may not feel “inspired” to write. You think, “it’s time to blog.” BUT, the ideas aren’t flowing and the blank page is frustrating.

Instead of turning to Google to search for “blog ideas” yet again, try looking in some more unconventional places to find your inspiration.

Ideas really are all around us – so go on a bit of a field trip. Check out the 47 random places to find blogging inspiration on the list below. And, as and as you’re looking it over, ask yourself these questions:

● Do I have a strong opinion about this? If so, does it relate to my readers in some way?
● Is this something my readers would find interesting?
● Can I turn this into a story illustration to share a point or lesson?
● What did I learn from this and how will I apply it to (your blog topic)?

Here are 47 places you may have never thought to look for blogging content ideas:

1. Your Favorite News Website
2. The News Website You Hate
3. That Gossip Blog You’d Never Admit to Reading
4. The Fansite for Your Favorite TV Show
5. YouTube Random Search for a Random Word
6. Your Email Inbox (What Questions Have You Answered Lately)
7. Your Email Bulk/Spam Folder
8. The Stack of Magazines Hiding Somewhere in Your Office or Home
9. The Book You’re Currently Reading
10. The Book You Bought But Haven’t Read Yet
11. What’s Playing On Your MP3 Player
12. The Last Advertising Billboard You Saw
13. Yelp.com
14. Your Local Newspaper (online or off)
15. The Items on Your To-Do List
16. The Last Movie Your Partner/Kids Made You Watch
17. TV Shows or Movies You’ve Watched
18. The Celebrity That Drives You Crazy (Good or Bad Crazy)
19. A Quotes Website like The Quote Garden
20. Social Networking (Ask a Random Question)
21. The Last Website that Linked to You
22. The Comments Section of Your Blog
23. The Items on Your Desk
24. The View of Nature Through Your Window
25. The 7 Wonders of the World (or whatever landmarks fascinate you)
26. The Last Vacation/Trip You Took
27. What’s Coming Up On Your Calendar
28. The Catalog That Came in the Mail This Week
29. Your Favorite Cereal Box
30. The Sunday Comics
31. Something That’s Changed Recently in Your Life
32. Those Things That Never Seem to Change in Your Life
33. Late Night Shows/Stand Up Comedy
34. Your Favorite Recent Work Project
35. The Last “Disaster” Project You Worked On
36. The Last Big “Success” Project You Worked On
37. Wikipedia or Wikimedia
38. Digg, Reddit or StumbleUpon
39. Yahoo! Answers or Quora
40. Facebook Groups
41. Amazon.com
42. Billboards
43. Flickr or Stock Photography Websites
44. YouTube or Vimeo
45. Your Local Library or Bookstore
46. Your Vision Board
47. Blog Posts with Blog Post Ideas

Now, go get inspired!

Where do you find inspiration for your content that others might be surprised by? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below because I’d love to hear from you. Thanks a million.