Blogging Authority Michelle Shaeffer Shares Three Blogging Mistakes You Can Avoid

Blogging authority Michelle ShaefferKnown as the Girl Blogger Next Door, Michelle Shaeffer has developed a reputation as an outstanding blogging authority. I was honored to have my friend appear as a guest on the Marketing Blab (and it was her first Blab).

Having started her blog in 2008, she says she’s made just about every blogging mistake possible (and shares them), so you don’t have to!

During the Blab we talked about three mistakes that Michelle made early on in her blogging career. Here’s what she shared.

Three Big Blogging Mistakes You Can Avoid

#1. Don’t write the way you were taught in English class. “I tried to do that when I started and it doesn’t work on the Internet. The result was boring!” explained Michelle. “I didn’t understand that I was writing for readers, I had the wrong perspective on it.”
Solution: Write the way you talk, as if you’re out having coffee with a friend.

#2. Don’t forget to share your personality. “I was afraid to reveal any of me in my blog. I feared putting my personality in it or writing in a way that connected with people. I didn’t think it was professional to do that.”
Solution: It’s okay to share who you are and let your personality shine in your blog posts.

#3. Don’t ignore comments. “When I started, I completely ignored comments on my blog. I ignored the idea of building a community. It took about a year for that concept to click in my head. If you have that piece figured out, you’re way ahead of where I was when I started.”
Solution: Let your readers know that you appreciate their comments. Acknowledge them, respond to them – even if it’s just a simple “thank you.”

Michelle and I “blabbed” for over an hour so there’s a lot more she shared during the Marketing Blab. You can tune in and watch the complete video below.

Are you making any of these mistakes on your blog? Or is there a mistake you’ve made and have learned from? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below because I’d love to hear from you. Thanks a million and here’s to your sweet success!