Who Do You Admire and Why?

Ultimate Blog ChallengeI’m participating in the Ultimate Blog Challenge. Each day during the challenge we receive ideas on what to write about. Yesterday, one of the suggestions was to write about someone we admire.

The first person to pop into my mind was Michelle Shaeffer, co- founder of the Ultimate Blog Challenge.

I first heard Michelle online in 2010 when she and co-founder Michele Scism presented a blogging webinar and announced an upcoming blog challenge. I didn’t participate in the challenge back then. And, didn’t connect with Michelle again until a year later.

Copywriter Debra Jason and Blogging Authority Michelle ShaefferIn October 2011, while attending a marketing conference I found myself standing next to this woman with pink hair (there we are on the right). When I introduced myself and asked for her name, I was surprised to discover I was meeting Michelle Shaeffer. And, she was surprised when I said “I know you.”

One reason I admire Michelle – she is humble. While already a blogging authority in the minds of others, she was shy about claiming that accolade in her own mind. Since that meeting more than a year ago, I am honored to now call Michelle a friend.

While she is quiet and soft-spoken, she packs a punch. I am always inspired by how much she gets done in a day – from home-schooling 3 children to running blogging workshops. I’ve been known to call her a “machine.” Yet, through it all she moves forward (by leaps & bounds, I might say) and serves as a beautiful role model for others.

Dogs: A marketer's best friendNot to mention, she is always encouraging and supportive of me and my efforts. On a professional side, we have guest blogged for one another and hosted each other on teleseminars. On a personal side, we shared our stories about the joys of moving (LOL) and the sadness of losing one’s loyal pet (when my golden retriever Ike moved onto the spirit world in April).

For those lucky enough to know Michelle personally, you know what I’m talking about. For those just meeting her – whether virtually or in-person, you’ll quickly discover what a delight she is. Thank you Michelle for who you are deep in your soul and for sharing that with me (and the world).

Who do you admire and why? Whether it’s a mentor, friend, role model, or family member, please share your experience in the comment section below. I’d love to hear who inspires you. Thanks.