Who Do You Admire and Why?

Ultimate Blog ChallengeI’m participating in the Ultimate Blog Challenge. Each day during the challenge we receive ideas on what to write about. Yesterday, one of the suggestions was to write about someone we admire.

The first person to pop into my mind was Michelle Shaeffer, co- founder of the Ultimate Blog Challenge.

I first heard Michelle online in 2010 when she and co-founder Michele Scism presented a blogging webinar and announced an upcoming blog challenge. I didn’t participate in the challenge back then. And, didn’t connect with Michelle again until a year later.

Copywriter Debra Jason and Blogging Authority Michelle ShaefferIn October 2011, while attending a marketing conference I found myself standing next to this woman with pink hair (there we are on the right). When I introduced myself and asked for her name, I was surprised to discover I was meeting Michelle Shaeffer. And, she was surprised when I said “I know you.”

One reason I admire Michelle – she is humble. While already a blogging authority in the minds of others, she was shy about claiming that accolade in her own mind. Since that meeting more than a year ago, I am honored to now call Michelle a friend.

While she is quiet and soft-spoken, she packs a punch. I am always inspired by how much she gets done in a day – from home-schooling 3 children to running blogging workshops. I’ve been known to call her a “machine.” Yet, through it all she moves forward (by leaps & bounds, I might say) and serves as a beautiful role model for others.

Dogs: A marketer's best friendNot to mention, she is always encouraging and supportive of me and my efforts. On a professional side, we have guest blogged for one another and hosted each other on teleseminars. On a personal side, we shared our stories about the joys of moving (LOL) and the sadness of losing one’s loyal pet (when my golden retriever Ike moved onto the spirit world in April).

For those lucky enough to know Michelle personally, you know what I’m talking about. For those just meeting her – whether virtually or in-person, you’ll quickly discover what a delight she is. Thank you Michelle for who you are deep in your soul and for sharing that with me (and the world).

Who do you admire and why? Whether it’s a mentor, friend, role model, or family member, please share your experience in the comment section below. I’d love to hear who inspires you. Thanks.

Debra Jason

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A recipient of the “Creative Person of the Year” award, Debra educates and empowers creative solopreneurs and enthusiastic business owners to create a lifestyle business that provides them with the flexibility, fun and freedom to do what they love. She also inspires you to communicate your marketing message in a way that captivates and converts your prospects into loyal, raving fans - even if you have been struggling with how to transform your ideas into words in the past.


  1. Claire Mount says:

    This a lovely blog Debra and although I don’t know Michelle very well I do enjoy learning from her and am very grateful for all she does.
    Claire Mount recently posted…A Little, OK a LOT, of InspirationMy Profile

  2. My mother was the person most admire, loving, kind, non-judgmental. I try to follow her example.
    Caro Ness recently posted…WannabeMy Profile

    • Sounds like you had an awesome role model @Caro. As I posted in my reply to @Erica, my mom was an inspirational role model for me. She and several of her girlfriends started their own business many moons ago.
      Following your mom’s example of being loving, kind & non-judgmental is a great idea. Keep on keeping on. Thanks for sharing. ~Debra

  3. I admire my best friend because she has overcome a lot to get where she it.

    I admire Maya Angelou for being such a lady and a pillar in the Black Community.

    I admire my Mom for not killing me when I was a teenager

    🙂 I could go on and on
    Erica Ardali recently posted…Cultivate Love in 2013My Profile

    • Were you that “bad” Erica? I’m guessing you were probably a typical teenager – most of whom seem to drive their parents crazy during those years. My mom passed onto the spirit world about 28 years ago, but she’s with me always. She was my inspiration for starting my own business. While I know her spirit is with me, I wish she was here to see me now.
      Thanks for sharing the 3 women you admire most. ~Debra

  4. What a wonderful post and how very kind of you to share so publicly why you admire Michelle. I am grateful to Michelle for sharing her blogging knowledge and willingness to help us boost our blogs. This is my first time on the challenge. Kudos to you Debra for this post and big thanks to Michelle for helping us!
    Vanessa Terrell recently posted…A Day of RejectsMy Profile

    • Welcome to the UBC @Vanessa and thanks for stopping by to share your thoughts. You’ll find that Michelle is a never-ending fountain of valuable information. Here’s to your sweet, blogging success. ~Debra

  5. Thanks for sharing. My dad was a great source of inspiration to me. He is no longer here in body but he certainly goes with me daily on my journey. He taught me and guided me well.
    Lyn Blackledge recently posted…How I was inspired by a book and an entrepreneur!My Profile

    • Hi @Lyn, my dad passed on eight years ago. As you mentioned, he (and my mom) is with me in spirit every day. Just this morning I looked up at both of their photos on my wall and wrote about them in my journal.
      My dad started and ran his own business as a CPA. He was a hard worker and so committed to his clients. I think I learned many of my work ethics from him. Thanks much for sharing your thoughts about your father. Here’s to your sweet success. ~Debra

  6. There are a number of people I admire and have come to support over the past years, some in person and some remotely. I know from my prior Blog Challenge in October, just taking the time to read the many wonderful posts each day is also contributing to my growth.
    Mark A. Michael recently posted…Positive Actions | Positive ResultsMy Profile

    • Thanks @Mark. Nice to see you here. I know you & I “met” remotely and I too have developed wonderful, inspirational connections with several people that way.
      Here’s to being inspired! ~Debra

  7. Juan Lugo says:

    When I first read the query “Who do you admire and why?”, many people came to mind. Some were living, others not, still others were fictional from the many novels that I have read. And,yet none truly fit the query.

    In the remote areas of my mind, the vision of my wife, Lani kept coming to the surface. I was hesitant to list her as such a person for fear of coming off as a hopeless romantic.

    The “Webster New World Compact Desk Dictionary” defined “admire”: 1. to regard with wonder and delight 2. to esteem highly.

    She fit those criterions nicely and yet there is more. She has been my sounding board for more ideas and critiquing of my works more times than I, herewith share because of limited space.

    She continues to inspire and motivate me.


    • @Juan, that’s absolutely beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing your love for your wife. ~Debra
      P.S. I admire you for being a “hopeless romantic.” Here’s to romance. Lani is a lucky lady.

  8. Hi Debra! This is my second time participating in the UBC. I came into contact with Michelle last August. I so admire her too! Has she written a post about how to home-school three children and still get all your desires projects done? xoxo
    Dana recently posted…52 Ways to FreedomMy Profile

    • Hi @Dana. I don’t know how Michelle does it, but to the best of my knowledge she gets it ALL done. That’s why sometimes I refer to her as a “machine.” Unlike me, I think she is also a night owl so while the kids are sleeping she does a lot during the evening hours. Thanks. ~Debra

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