Facebook Fan Pages: A Tiny Tweak Makes a Big Difference

Facebook Marketing for BusinessWhen visiting colleagues’ Fan Pages recently, I discovered that many of them are missing a VERY important element.

I’m not sure if they are unaware or simply forgot the following: In the ABOUT section of your Fan Page you may include your URL with a hyperlink to your web site. It’s the only spot on your Facebook Fan Page where viewers can see that link (without having to click on the “About” link for more information).

To illustrate what I’m referring to, take a look at this example below:
Facebook About SectionNotice that only the first 3 lines display on your Fan Page so why not take advantage of that valuable real estate and include your URL? It provides you with the opportunity to increase traffic to your Web site.

I love what colleague Michelle Shaeffer has done on hers. She entices her viewers with a free offer.
Facebook Fan Page About Section
Remember, with only 3 sentences revealed on your Fan Page, it’s beneficial to have your URL early on in your About content (in case folks don’t click on the “About” link). Just a helpful tidbit – a little tweak that makes a big difference.

A special note from my colleague in the UK Jan Kearney: This doesn’t work for local business pages where the about section is replaced with the address and phone number. Thanks Jan for sharing that tip.

Have you implemented this strategy on your Fan Page? If so, share your link in the comment section below so others may find you. I’d love to hear from you. Thanks!

Here’s to your sweet success. ~Debra