What warms your heart?

Writing about what warms your heartLast month I attended a writers’ group – the first I’ve ever attended. I didn’t know what to expect, but was pleasantly surprised by the talent in the room and everyone’s willingness to share what were some fairly intimate stories.

One of the first exercises we were asked to do was to take 5 minutes and write about “what warms your heart?” I’d like to share what I wrote with you here . . .

I received an e-mail from a friend today. It had a message in it that I’ve received before and when I responded to my friend I told her how I’d received this message in the past. I also added that each time I’d received it, it touched my heart.

The e-mail was about people that come and go in your life – how there are friends for seasons, reasons, or a lifetime.

What warms my heart? Well, in addition to a baby’s smile and my beautiful dog excited and running up to greet me, my friends warm my heart. Though most of my nearest and dearest friends are on the mainland (far from me on Kauai), I am rich in friendships – people who nurture me and show me an abundance of love. They warm my heart and fill my soul with a sincere love I cherish.

I decided to post this here because, more now than ever before, I find myself having conversations with people about “connecting.” We talk about how easy it is to just have a conversation with some, but with others it’s like pulling teeth. And how, when you make that connection, it feels so comforting, not to mention, rewarding.

As I wrote above, I cherish the connections I have with my lifelong friends and look forward to developing and nurturing the ones I’ve made more recently – many of which have been the result of social networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. A simple tweet or post results in a phone call and new friendships blossom.

So what warms your heart? Why not pick up a pen (or sit at your keyboard) and write about it? Then, please share it here, won’t you?

Debra Jason

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  1. My first speech class opened with the statement on communication. “without communication we would die”. I agree. Honesty from a friend or even a stranger…”a real person- warms my heart. I even listen to a good telemarketer if I perceive they are being real (and I am real back). It’s why cold calling can be effective in marketing and also why marriages can be good, and why some teenagers will have good conversations with their parents.
    My heart is warmed by “warm” people

    • Hi Gary. It does certainly warm our hearts to have caring, warm people around us. When you find someone who is being genuine (or ‘real’ as you say), it not only feels good and takes the relationship up a notch to another level. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Loved the incredible rock photos you shared on your blog. Have a great day.

  2. Mike Dexter-Smith says:

    I always think of myself as hardened by years of running companies and people and fighting many hurdles in my kids lives. Even moving around hardens you as you toss relative ‘life safety’ in the air.

    But under a now hardened exterior I have always been prone to cry when something touches me – someones success; a parent and child moment; a wonderful place; a wonderful experience; a passage in a book even -something perfect.

    The ‘warming of the heart’ is fleeting, but real and an old, grown-hardened man cries with abandon. Perhaps it is just a relief valve that trips off – but I love those moments all the same.

    Thanks for making me think of it.

    • You’re more than welcome Mike. Glad I touched that warm spot in your heart. Whether it’s a relief valve or not, crying can be so cleansing. Even an old, grown-hardened man is only human, meant to have feelings and show emotion. Savor and treasure those moments. Thanks so much for sharing that side of you.

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