How to Blog When You’re Exhausted and Uninspired

Thanks to Guest Blogger Michelle Shaeffer.

How to blog when you're exhaustedEver sit down at the computer to blog and the words just don’t come out? Your fingers are poised over the keyboard, but the voices in your head are busy telling you that you’ve had a long day, there are a million other things you need to get done and it’s past your bedtime.

On those days, it doesn’t matter how many great sources I look at for inspiration, or fantastic blog post prompts I’ve got, or how many different article templates I browse through. All the great advice about “write in advance” and “keep a list of ideas” isn’t helpful when you’re stuck. Sometimes our brains just need a break and they go on strike until we take some time off to recharge.

So what can you do when you want/need to blog, but it’s the last thing you feel like doing and ideas just don’t seem to be coming? Never fear! Here are 3 simple ideas to help you survive and get a blog post published quickly.

#1. Try Something Different

Do an audio post – just record your thoughts with AudioBoo or and add it to a post.

Do a video post – turn on the webcam and talk. Or, do a screencast recording with Jing.

#2. Share Something Cool From Someone Else’s Brain

Your brain wants a break. Be nice and give it one. You could share…

• A YouTube video (here’s how)
• A TED talk (here’s an example)
• An article from EzineArticles (here’s an example, and here’s the system I use for finding stuff to share)
• A resource or tool you like (I do this a lot, like this G+ Guide)
• Some cool links/bloggers you’ve run across in the past week
• Share a post with links to your best past posts on a topic (like your best advice for bloggers, your 5 most popular recipes, the most commented stories you’ve shared, etc.)

#3. Take Time Out & Share It

Give yourself a break. Take a walk. Go to the library. Grab a mocha. Read a book. Do something to recharge your batteries, then share about that.

I’d love to see a photo of the sunset where you are. Or that peaceful spot you like to sit and think. It’s probably not what you usually blog about, but it’s okay to show the personal side of yourself and give your readers something to connect with.

Your readers probably need to relax too, and just might follow your lead and be thankful. What do you think? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below. I’d love to hear from you.

Here’s to your blogging success.

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  1. Hey Debra, thanks so much for sharing my article. I hope your readers find it helpful.
    Michelle Shaeffer recently posted…Could They Erase YOU From the Internet Tomorrow?My Profile

    • You’re always welcome @Michelle. I liked your suggestion to “do something to recharge your batteries, then share about it.” Is there one or 2 tips that are your faves when you’re exhausted?

  2. I love these ideas! I use a variant of #3, not on my blog, but on my FB page. Every week I am posting a quote on FB, and an image that goes together with it. And there are a lot of people that say they like that! Isn’t that great?
    Delia recently posted…12 random acts of kindness for the holidaysMy Profile

    • @Delia, posting quotes is a wonderful addition to the list. I post them on Twitter & occasionally on my Facebook Fan Page as well. However, I’m thinking a blog with quotes about a particular topic (i.e. gratitude) could be thought-provoking.
      @Michelle, what’s the latest novel you’d recommend for a good read? One day, when I needed to take time out, I walked to the beach and just watched (and listened to) the ocean waves. It soothed my soul.

  3. Reading a good novel usually does it tor me. Or just taking time out to do something I enjoy.
    Michelle Shaeffer recently posted…What to Write About When You Don’t Know What to Write AboutMy Profile

  4. Great ideas Michelle. I love the feeling when contents just effortlessly and easily pours out of my mind and onto my computer screen.
    Justin Mazza recently posted…2011 a Year in Review for Mazzastick.comMy Profile

    • @Justin, it’s a great feeling when your ideas just run through your fingertips with ease. Congrats on your one year anniversary of blogging. Which of Michelle’s tips were your favorites? Here’s wishing you a fabulous 2012. Happy new year to you & yours.

  5. Michelle – I’m not an evening writer. (It’s probably because I get up so early every to write.) I won’t write when my creative juices aren’t floating – I won’t even try. That applies to my blog, Facebook Page and Twitter Account.

    I do; however, find sites like Plinky interesting when I need to contribute something, but just not in gear to write anything. Plinky asks you specific questions and asks you to comment on your answers, then you can Tweet your answer or post it anywhere you’d like. The most recent question asked was “What is your favorite foreign film?” I found myself answering the question and tying the answer to what I do. Before I know it, I’ve got a short interesting commentary about something I never intended to write about, but something that would make for an interesting conversation.

  6. That’s interesting, Heather — I’ll have to check out that site. Thanks for sharing.
    Michelle recently posted…What’s Your “Cover” Say About You?My Profile

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