Facebook Tip: Do Your Friends Love You Enough to “Like” You?

Faceblook Invite Friends BoxEver notice, when you’re on your Fan Page, there’s a box that says “Invite Friends?” (NOTE: To respect privacy, I erased the names of the peeps in my Invite Box image to the left.)

On different days, different names pop up and you might think “cool, I’ll invite those folks to “like” my page.” I know, I thought that way.

However, I noticed that even after hitting the “invite” button, the same peeps would appear in that box repeatedly. I started to worry that I’d be inviting them more than once without realizing it and I didn’t want to come across to them as being a “nudge.”

Today, thanks to Andrea Vahl (aka Grandma Mary – the slightly cranky Social Media Edutainer), I discovered that this “Invite Friends” box is better off ignored. I was glad to hear it as I have definitely found it to be kind of “wonky.” Therefore, I wasn’t all that shocked when Andrea suggested we steer clear and avoid using it as a means of inviting friends to “like” our pages.

I was pleasantly surprised when she showed me a new way to invite friends. It’s so easy that I couldn’t believe I didn’t know it was there. So, I’m happy to share this with you to make bringing your friends to the party easier as well.

Here are 5 simple steps to follow:

1. Log onto Facebook as your Personal Profile.

2. Go to your Fan Page (still logged in as your personal profile).
Log In to Facebook As Your Profile

3. Once on your Fan Page, click on the “Build Audience” button.

4. Highlight “Invite Friends” on the drop down menu.
Facebook Build Audience Box

5. Voila, another box will open up showing you your Facebook friends. Those friends who have already “liked” your Fan Page will be faded (i.e. greyed) out. Go ahead and check the others you want to invite and hit “submit.” Facebook will confirm that, “We’ve let your friends know about your page.”

Did you know about this nifty, easy-to-use Facebook tip? Post your thoughts in the comment section. And, if you have a simple Facebook tip to share, please do so as well. Thanks!