Marketing Mistakes: Are You Guilty of this Marketing No-No?

YouTubeThmbnailMktgStrategiesSMMistakeMarketing strategies, there are many of them. And, there are probably just as many marketing mistakes that are commonly made as well.

One of the questions I received recently was, “What’s a marketing ‘no-no’ when it comes to social media marketing?” It’s probably happened to you. You get a friend request on Facebook or a connection request on LinkedIn and no sooner do you accept the request when the next message you receive from that person is a sales pitch.

Here’s my advice. Ditch the pitch.

You want that first message to be one that starts a conversation. Maybe you start the conversation about a common interest you have with that person or a colleague that you have in common. You see, when you start a conversation – when you engage – you begin to nurture the relationship. And, when you nurture those relationships, you nurture your business.

So, what’s a common marketing ‘no-no’, a common marketing mistake you should avoid? Ditch the pitch.

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