What Will Be Your Social Network of Choice In 2013?

Facebook logo“If you could only use one social network for your marketing in 2013, which one would it be?”

That’s the question I posted on my Fan Page earlier this month. Here are some of the replies I received:

“I get the most benefit (ie clients) from Facebook, but I enjoy using Facebook and probably spend most of my focus here.” – Jayne Day, Webonize: Online Marketing for Small Business, New South Wales https://www.facebook.com/webonize

“For business – definitely Linked In!” – Fran Strauss, New York https://www.facebook.com/fran.strauss

“I love LinkedIn, but I’m using Facebook more.” – Sue Barnes Porter, The Accidental Leader, Tucson https://www.facebook.com/AccidentalLeader

“LinkedIn doesn’t drive me nuts the way Facebook does (I’d like to run their algorithms right up their … you get the picture). Twitter is pretty straightforward too.” – Pj Schott, Creative Director, Boston http://facebook.com/pj.schott

“It’s STILL Facebook.” – Adela Rubio, Enlightened Listbuilding, New Jersey https://www.facebook.com/adelarubiotribe

“If I could, I would be using whatever will replace Facebook. Fingers crossed for something soon, because their “pay for everything” model is getting ridiculous. Until then, I’m stuck with Facebook.” –Amethyst Mahoney, Divine Wisdom Academy, Oregon https://www.facebook.com/AmethystTarot

“I want to find an online hub or make my own that is nonconformist women.”
–Lisa Marie Selow, Author & life coach, Michigan https://www.facebook.com/lisaselow

“I’m still an email guy for maximum results… but I do like LinkedIn and Facebook.” – Wayne Weld, Independent Send Out Cards distributor, Tucson https://www.facebook.com/WayneWeldAppreciatingPeople

“I’m more comfortable with Facebook but get better results from LinkedIn. I, too, am concerned with the lower visibility with Facebook and hope they make some changes in early 2013.” –Sheila Starkey, Smart Social Media Marketer, South Carolina https://www.facebook.com/smartsocialmediamarketer

“I think I’ve received more dollars from LinkedIn. However, Facebook is where everyone is. It’s like, FB is where you go to party, and LinkedIn is where you go to work…” – Jeff Olson, Internet Marketer, Illinois https://www.facebook.com/Frohardy

Thanks to everyone who provided their input. It’s a great conversation. And, even though Facebook seems to be losing favor among some, it appears to be the preferred network for now.

What about you? If you had to pick one, which social network would be your #1 choice?

Share your thoughts in the comment section below. And, as a little gift to help increase your exposure, feel free to include a link to the account on your preferred network so others can connect with you in the new year.

Thanks and here’s to a fabulous 2013 – may you experience exciting new adventures, good health, great happiness & sweet success!