Are You Overwhelmed By Social Media? Here’s Your Ticket To Eliminate That Overwhelm

Overwhelmed by Social Media MarketingWhen I speak about social media marketing – or just in everyday conversation around the topic – two questions that come up repeatedly are:
1) Do I have to do it all? LinkedIn . . . Twitter. . . Facebook . . . Tik Tok . . . Pinterest . . . Instagram?
2) It takes so much time, I get overwhelmed. How much time should I spend on it?

While you may read posts or articles about “social media in 10 minutes a day,” I’m not one to make that promise. Social media marketing does require your time and attention. However, what I suggest as the ticket to eliminating social media overwhelm is this . . .

You don’t have to do it all at once!

I know, I know. You hear you need to be everywhere. You think you may be missing out, missing leads and business opportunities, if you don’t do it all. I too felt that way, but alas I came to grips with the fact that I am (and you are) only human. And, not super human at that.

Most of my focus is on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn and on occasion, Twitter. I do have YouTube and Pinterest accounts, but don’t spend as much time and energy there. I have yet to jump on the Tik Tok bandwagon (and at this point, don’t intend to). And, I’ve finally come to peace with that.

As I said, you ARE only human so give yourself permission to start off gently. Pick one (okay, maybe two) network(s) where you feel most comfortable, where your peeps are hanging out, and where you ENJOY spending your time.

“You may be leaving biz on the table,” says colleague Joel Comm. “But guess what? There’s no way you can do it all. Just keeping up with one network on a regular basis takes time.”

Several years ago, in his podcast on this topic, Joel explained that there were 2 instances in which he used social media:
1) When he had something to say.
2) When he wanted to interact with others.

Simple and sound philosophy, don’t you think? He went on to say, “I’m going to set you free from the burden of social media.” How does he do that? Easy . . .

“Be yourself. Do it (social media) in a way that fits with who you are and your lifestyle. Don’t guilt yourself because it’s a burden you can’t carry.”

I loved when Joel shared this: “Social media is addictive in nature and it’s an insatiable beast that can never be fully fed. There’s no way you can do it all. . . Let social media be an extension of who you are. Isn’t that more authentic anyhow?”

“Make peace with the fact that you may lose traffic by not using one network vs. another. You can’t be there for friends, fans and followers all the time, because you have a life.”

“Let those social media shackles fall off. Live your life the way you want to and let social media be the slave to you – not the other way around. You master it . . . Do whatever works for you. Do it your way.” (When Joel said this, in my head I immediately heard Frank Sinatra singing “I did it my way.”)

Are you taking the ticket to eliminating social media overwhelm? Don’t stress out about it. Do what feels best for you.