Four Questions to Ask When Considering a Social Media Manager

Social Media Management CostsThanks to guest blogger, Michelle Arbore

Do you find yourself asking this question: “Why does it cost so much to have someone coach me and manage my social media?”

I totally get that, I really do.

Think of it this way ~ You’re buying that person’s time, expertise and reputation. That person will carry your online reputation on their shoulders and keep it untarnished. What’s more, they know that if something goes wrong, their reputation is also on the line.

Plus, when someone manages your social media, they usually are finding the content. They are also providing you with a service that will grow your business. Therefore, ask yourself this question ~ “Can I afford not to?”

Social media should not only be an integral part of your marketing strategy, you should constantly evaluate your marketing and social media strategy to stay competitive within your industry.

Now that you know you need to get guidance with your social media, what should you be asking when looking to work with someone?

Here are four important questions to ask. If the social media manager you’re talking to can’t answer these questions, move on to the next person.

1. What social media platforms will work for my business? Have the social media manager you’re interviewing explain why some platforms work better than others AND which one(s) he/she thinks are most suitable for you.

Before I meet with a potential client, I have them complete a survey that tells me more about their business, who their target market is and who their biggest competition is in the marketplace. Then, I visit the social media platforms they are currently using so I get an idea about what they’re doing.

I learn a lot about their business before I even meet with them. This way, I go into our meeting knowing which platforms will work for them. I say this all of the time ~ “Not all social media is created equal,” so not all social media is going to work for your business.

2. How long will it take before I see results? Social media does not happen overnight. It can take as long as 6-7 months before you see anything, such as leads. Your audience needs to be engaged, so give them quality content, such as tips and news about your industry.

Another thing you must remember is that you have to be consistent. It will take some time to see what’s working and what’s not. Once you see what isn’t working, you can rework your social media strategy. Your strategy shouldn’t be set in stone.

3. How long will setting-up the platforms take? It really depends on the platform. Some platforms – like Facebook – can be customized with imagery, such as a Cover Photo, and Apps. Other platforms, like LinkedIn, request a lot of information to complete a profile.

Once we decide which social media platforms will work for your business, I create a customized plan that walks you, step-by-step, through what needs to be done to get you up and running on social media. In addition, you receive one-on-one coaching for each platform. We work on one platform at a time and we don’t move forward until you no longer have any questions and you understand how this can help you.

4. Then comes the big question, “How much will it cost?” You have to remember that whoever you work with is providing their knowledge and expertise in an area that they specialize in. This valuable service can be vital to your business’ growth.

Once I learn more about someone’s business and what their needs are, I make a customized package for that particular client. Each package includes one-on-one coaching as well as social media management from my company for one month.

Can you now see the importance of investing in your business in order for it to grow? Whether social media management or coaching, what steps have you taken to invest in your business’ growth? Please share your thoughts in the comments below because I’d love to hear from you. Here’s to your sweet success.

Savvy Social Media Michelle ArboreAbout guest blogger Michelle Arbore: Owner of Savvy Social Media, Michelle helps make social media work for your business. She offers customized social media creation, management and training to solo entrepreneurs and small businesses. Visit her services page, schedule a half-hour complimentary Discovery Session and find out how Michelle can help your business grow. She may also be reached at