What Does Social Media Mean To You?

What does social media mean to you?Last month, Ellen Britt, founder of Pink Coattails, wrote a blog post entitled “Take off your social media mask on Facebook and be yourself.”

In it she said, “Your customers and clients and even your potential customers and clients are not on social media to get their problems solved. And they are definitely not there to buy stuff. They just want to…well…socialize.

“This includes looking at and sharing pictures of cute cats and fabulous food and videos of three-legged dogs and even strange people wearing funny hats as well as catching up with what’s going on with their friends and family members.”

Where many marketers “miss the mark” is thinking social media is all about selling.

“That’s not to say they’ll [your customers/clients] never purchase something on social media, it’s just that this is not top of mind for them,” Ellen continued.

What is being social anyway?

I loved Ellen’s post because it resonates with the message I share when speaking on the topic of social media (and marketing, in general).

Folks, it’s all about building relationships – establishing the KLT (know, like, trust) Factor – first!

Let’s take a look at the word “social.” According to Websters II New Riverside Dictironary, it means:

1. Living in communities or groups. 2. Of or relating to the life & interrelatiohships of human beings in society. 3. Marked by friend companionship with others.

What you do offline, day-to-day, is social.

After all, you’re:

Involved in community – your neighborhood, your workplace, your child’s school, your grocery store, etc
Relating to life of human beings – “How are you?,” or “How’s work, the kids, the family, the dog?”
Establishing friendly companionship – Those you connect with, you build relationships with, engage with more often, etc.

In today’s technology-based society, social media involves the same thing:

• Interacting in communities.
• Engaging and developing trust.
• Building relationship with others.

Just doing it ONLINE!

Ken McArthur & Nicole JolieI’ve met many people thanks to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. – people I don’t think I would have met otherwise.

Many of them are business professionals and we’ve connected, not because of some pitch I posted, but because of mutual connections. Then, we’ve remained “friends,” because we’ve each been true to, and shared, our authentic selves.

Brian G. JohnsonAnd, I am SO grateful that, in several cases, I have actually met some of these peeps in person (as you see in the photos posted here).

David Perdew - NAMSSo, if you’re frustrated with social media and struggling to sell on these networks, take a break.

Just be yourself.

You never know who you may connect with simply by posting that fabulous feline or that cute canine gazing up at you with big brown eyes. Will it convert to a sale? Perhaps, at some point. But first it will convert into friendships (personally and professionally) that have the potential to last a lifetime!

What does social media mean to you? Please share your comments below because I’d love to hear your point of view. Here’s to your sweet success. Thanks!