Are You Getting the Lion’s Share of Business?

Are you getting the lion's share of business?When times get tough, it’s not uncommon for many businesses to begin making cutbacks. Sometimes they let employees go, other times they eliminate their marketing. “A bad move,” said communications pro Stacy Cornay. “The public has to be reminded about who you are . . . Instead of cutting back on marketing, be more aggressive.”

Public relations pro John Shors wrote, “When companies cease touting themselves via the media, opportunities are created for their competitors to step into the spotlight . . .

In 2008, Michael Beck of explained “It might even be tempting to ‘ride it out’ . . . to do nothing until things turn around. This passive approach yields passive results. Nothing will happen while you’re waiting and when things do turn around, the business will go to the people who’ve been doing something all along. The people who will get the lion’s share of the business – both now and in the future – are the ones who work to build relationship.”

Even When Times Are Tough, You Can Get the Lion’s Share of Biz

I started my business in 1989, when times were tough. The reason I went out on my own was because people were getting laid off at all the agencies I approached. I was caught in the Colorado recession and repeatedly heard, “Sorry, we’re not hiring. We’re laying people off right now.”

So I took this as a “sign from above” — it was my opportunity to grab the bull by the horns and go out on my own. The Write Direction was born on January 1, 1989.

Despite a recession, I was able to break ground . . . make an impact . . . find clients . . . establish a successful business. It happened because of a concerted effort to market myself and keep marketing.

“One of the most common false economies (i.e. saving money in the wrong way) is cutting back on marketing itself . . . which means a probably loss of the investment in awareness that you’ve already made. . . . To terminate your marketing investment to save money is like stopping your wristwatch to save time.” wrote guerilla marketer Jay Conrad Levinson.

Don’t Give Up the Ship

I know it’s frightening to dip into your budget to keep on spending when the economy is slow. I’ve been there and I’ve certainly had down times. However, I say, “Don’t give up the ship. You can keep marketing without breaking the bank.

And, it can be done without spending $3 million dollars for a Super Bowl commercial.

After 9-11 many people were scared and started cutting back on their budgets and specifically, their marketing budget. So in guiding my clients, I compiled a list of practical, creative and affordable ways they could maintain top of mind awareness.

Millionaire Marketing on a Shoestring BudgetAs a result, “Millionaire Marketing on a Shoestring Budget” was born.

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The best way to motivate yourself in a weak economy is to think of it as an opportunity to be creative. What do you think? I value your feedback so please share your comments below. What else would you like to see me talk about here? I’d love to hear from you. Thanks!