Marketing Mistake, Part 2: Two Questions to Ask When Identifying Your Ideal Client

Identifying Your Target Audience - Your Ideal ClientThanks to guest blogger, Ava Diamond.

In Part 1 of this series, I touched on the “big fail” in marketing – you’re creating a message with broad appeal because you don’t want to leave anyone out. It’s a “big fail” because, in actuality, marketing to everyone is marketing to no one.

Many of you have already identified your “niche”, your tribe, your peeps. I’d encourage you to see if you can get it a little tighter, a little more focused, a little more specific. See if you can’t find some ways to make your messaging even more targeted. Time and energy invested here pays off big as you develop and grow your business.

So who are these peeps, your tribe?

It’s a specific group of people with an urgent, specific problem or need that they are absolutely willing to spend money on. They’ll either spend money to alleviate the problem, or to get something they desire strongly.

There are two parts to this:

1. They have a problem, struggle, or desire.
2. They’re willing to spend money on it!

The way you attract them is to have a message that is so targeted – so specific – that your tribe feels like you got inside their heads, read their minds, and are speaking directly to them.

The more focused in and targeted you are, the more you’ll sell. It’s a simple truth.

And it’s counter intuitive. Clients ask me all the time, “But Ava, if I focus in on a narrow niche, aren’t I excluding people?” And my answer is “no, absolutely not”. You are including the people:

  • You can help the most.
  • Who benefit most from what you have to offer.
  • Who feel like you’re a match made in heaven.

I had a client who was a wellness coach. When she came to me for her VIP intensive, we looked at her message and her perfect audience. When asked, she said she had her niche–that it was women. So, she really hadn’t identified her tribe yet because “women” is too broad a reach.

Through a series of questions and exercises she more deeply identified her ideal clients. We found that she was most passionate about working with women over 50 who want to have more energy and get more fit so they can thrive in the second half of their lives. Now that was specific enough to develop a targeted message.

It doesn’t matter that she’s excluding men and women under 50. There are enough women in her target market to fill her bank account.

So here are two questions to help you get closer to identifying your perfect clients and your perfect audiences:

1. What’s your sweet spot? What’s the perfect intersection of your talents, your passions, who you’d love to work with, and a market need?
2. Who would you love to work with? What clients have you had that seemed like the “perfect match” for you? Who energizes you and gets you excited at the thought of working with them?

Once your get super clear about your ideal client and audience, you can focus your message and watch your business take off!

About Guest Blogger, Ava Diamond: Founder of Big Impact Speaking, Ava is a speaking mentor and messaging strategist. She has created such programs as Speak Your Way to Clients and Cash, and the Rock Your Speaking Academy. A professional speaker for seventeen years, she helps entrepreneurs rock their speaking so they expand their influence and reach, become known as the “go-to” expert in their field, and get all the clients they want.

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