A Quick Fill-in-the-Blank Copywriting Quiz

A Fill-in-the-blank copywriting quizThought I’d have a little fun here by offering this short copywriting quiz. By filling in the blanks you’ll end up with a list of six valuable copywriting tips you can put to use next time you’re writing marketing content.

So here you go . . .

#1. Write content that speaks ______ your prospects, not ______ at them. It’s one element that makes the difference between grabbing your prospects’ attention so they read your content vs. click onto another Web site (or throw your mail piece into the circular file).

#2. Two psychological triggers that grab your prospects’ attention are ____________ and ______________. Use these triggers in your headlines, bullet points, titles of your free reports, etc.

#3. Create an ____________ moment so as they’re reading your prospects are thinking “Yes – this company gets me. Yes, they understand my feelings . . . my fears . . . or my anxiety. Yes – they can relate to what I’m going through. Therefore, I want what they have.”

#4. People respond to any given proposition for one of two reasons:
____________________________ and _________________________________.

#5. Two things you need to know before you ever start writing are your ____________ and your ___________.

#6. The secret to writing great copy is that it’s all about _______, not about ______________.

How did you do? Want to know the answers? Take a peek below. And don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comment section because I’d love to hear from you. Thanks!

#1. Write content that speaks TO your prospects, not AT them.
#2. Two triggers are curiosity and touching people’s emotions.
#3. Create an “AHA” moment.
#4. People want to gain something they do not have or avoid losing something they possess.
#5. Two things you need to know are your product and your market.
#6. Writing copy is all about PEOPLE, not about the product.