Social Media Is Like A Gym Membership

Social Media is Like a Gym MembershipThanks to guest blogger, Paula Pollock of Pollock Marketing Group.

When you join a gym you join with intent: to lose weight, get healthier, tone up for bathing suit weather, etc. If you participate regularly, over time you reach your goal. Just joining the gym won’t make you thinner – you need to participate. It’s no different with social media. You join with a purpose: to make friends, expand your network, attract clients, etc. But, just putting up a profile doesn’t mean you’re participating. You need to contribute in a positive way. If you are a member of any gym or social media community you know there are a lot of different people there with different reasons for being there.

Chatty-Cathy: She joins to socialize. Maybe she is an old friend from college or high school. Her contributions are gossipy, trivial and though fun at times, are a complete time-vampire. Don’t be overly engaged by her witty remarks. Sometimes, she will jump into your business conversations without knowing that she is making you look bad. Get back on topic (or elliptical) and focus on your goals.

Pushy-Pete: He is only there to sell. Sure he looks casual and might walk around with a weight in his hand, but his pockets always have business cards. Online he always suggests you, “Check this out. It’s really awesome,” with a link to his product sales page. He has absolutely no interest in you, asks how you’re doing without waiting for your answer, and if you engage him he will never let up. Well, not until Facebook shuts him down for spamming or you change the time you workout.

Multitask-Mary: She works out with a book, headphones and her smart phone. She is trying to do it all and is getting nowhere. Online, she connects all her platforms together to form an endless stream of consciousness that most can’t follow. You see lots of conversations that have RT @so-in-so, LOL! This is relevant to me how?

80/20 Rule: Whether you are working out or participating in a social community, you need to give 80% of the time. At the gym it means you can chat and socialize 20% of the time, but you better be working out the other 80% or you will not get results. Online you should be engaging others, offering information and building relationships 80% of the time. If you do that, 20% of your participation can warrant invitations to your events or to check out your new offer. If you have it the other way around you will not reach your goal in business or at the gym. And remember, you need to stick to it. There is no way to lose weight or build a solid relationship fast that will last.

About Guest Blogger Paula Pollock: With more than 25 years of business development, marketing and indirect channel experience with AT&T, Beringer Wines, NTT/Verio, Qwest and Savvis, Paula manages the team at Pollock Marketing Group (PMG). PMG assists good companies in becoming great through outsourced marketing services. To schedule a private appointment contact Paula.