What sparks your imagination?

What sparks your imaginationI was thinking about “what to post?” on my blog and, to be totally honest, was faced with “writer’s block.”

Before curling up under the covers last night, I opened up the book I’m currently reading (The Vein of Gold by Julia Cameron) and there was my inspiration.

It was this quote from Plato:

Music has the capacity to touch the innermost reaches of the soul and music gives flight to the imagination.

No, I didn’t turn on any music at that moment, but as I flipped the light switch off, rested my head on my pillow, and headed off to dreamland, I did ponder “what sparks one’s imagination?”

For me, when I lived on Kaua`i, the waves (and the sound) of the amazing blue Pacific Ocean was often my inspiration. Last night, Plato’s quote inspired me.

How about you? Whether you’re writing marketing copy, a blog, poem, song or simply journaling, what sparks your imagination? Is it music, nature, a good book? Please share your comments below. I’d love to hear from you.

Debra Jason

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  1. Often my inspiration comes out of everyday areas; simply looking out a window can provide the spark necessary to achieve a goal. Other times it can be a TV show or movie I venture out to see. But where my inspiration comes from most often, is from the peace and quiet when I quiet my mind; however, I do like my classical music (and Classical Gas!) to take me to my special place of refuge and respite.

    • Hi there @PeggyLee. Ahhh, quieting the mind is a good thing. I need to do more of that (and daily meditating is helping). Interesting that you mentioned simply looking out a window because just the other day, as I was journaling, my mind kind of wandered and I found myself just gazing at the trees outside my window (and the squirrel that was running from branch to branch). Inspiration and imagination can certainly be sparked in many ways. Thanks so much for taking the time to share your thoughts. ~Debra

  2. Films, music, nature, and hanging out with creative & inspiring people.

    • Thanks @Geoff for sharing what sparks your imagination. From the posts/newsletters you write, I can tell you’re often inspired by music, movies, nature and the people in your life. At different times, all of those things are great inspirations in my life as well. Much appreciated. ~Debra

  3. Hi Debra,
    Music is highly inspirational for me and it always pushes a ‘body movement’ button deep within my soul. I can barely remain still and listen to music. If i’m in a place where I can’t get up and dance, I move in my imagination, always free of gravity, like being in the ether.
    A big dream goal of mine is to dance the tango with a sexy, latino ballroom dancer, preferably Argentinian. I’ve never danced the tango (except on ice skates as a figure skater) but something about the music and the movements speak to me on a deep level.
    Lynn Moore ~ Inspirational Goaling recently posted…First It Will Piss You OffMy Profile

    • @Lynn, I’m touched by your comments and can certainly relate. I love to dance! While I haven’t done Argentine tango, I am a fan of disco (yes, disco), salsa and swing dancing. I love your idea of moving in your imagination when you’re in a place where you can’t get up and dance.
      I just drove from Boulder, CO to Santa Fe, NM and “danced” (as best I could) in the car along the way. Music moves the soul. Thanks so much for sharing how music inspires you. ~Debra

  4. Although I love the idea of music, I have to say that time by myself sparks my imagination because I can think clearly without the clutter of work I have to do. Sometimes taking a long walk and observing things sparks ideas I would not have otherwise thought of. Early in the morning when I am fresh and free of clutter is another good time for me.

    • Taking a walk is a wonderful way to get inspired. When I lived on Kauai, many times, when I’d been sitting at the computer too long, I’d get up and take a walk to the ocean. Sometimes watching & listening to the waves would spark ideas. Other times, it was just a good way to clear my head so I could start fresh later on. Thanks @Phil for sharing what sparks your imagination. ~Debra

  5. Jamie Angelich says:

    I find that my imagination is sparked when I “brainstorm” with friends or colleagues. It may be trying to come up with a theme, an idea for a fundraiser, or even simply getting friends together. When I brainstorm, my mind is open to anything, and before I know it, I have come up with something noone has ever thought of. It is SO much fun to let the imagination run wild! What if we….. How about a….. Let’s go with…..
    The creations are endless! 🙂
    (but I really SHOULD take more quiet time for me and see what transpires)

    • Getting together to brainstorm with friends & colleagues, in addition to being inspirational, is FUN. Letting your mind be open to anything, without judging what comes up, leads to all kinds of wild ideas. And, as you suggested, it’s always a good idea to take some time to be with your self – sit quietly in nature or write in a journal and see what “bubbles up.”
      Thanks @Jamie for sharing your thoughts here. Have a great day. ~Debra

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