Oops, Part 2 – Is there typo in your e-mail?

Copywriting mistakesShortly after I posted my e-mail about my embarrassing mistake in using “your” instead of “you’re” in one of my e-mail subject lines, I received 3 e-mails from colleagues – each with a typo.

I promptly responded to each one of them, told them what happened to me and pointed out their error.

They thanked me and while we might have each been a bit embarrassed by our mistake, we agreed that it wasn’t the worst thing in the world. We proofread our work and strive to be professional. However, sometimes we make mistakes and they’re simply honest errors. We’re all just human, aren’t we?

Here are the three typos I came across in my colleagues’ messages:

#1. “I can give you my complementary time..” Oops, should have been, “I can give you my complimentary time….”

#2. “I want to her from you!” Oops, I think he meant “I want to hear from you!”

#3. Personally, this one was probably the most embarrassing. It read, “If you listened to my teleclass on getting unsuck (if you haven’t – why not?” Ouch! Do you think she meant “unstuck?”

So, how about you? What typo have you made that slipped past your watchful eyes before you hit the “send” key? Did it result in a chuckle, an embarrassing moment or both? Please share your (not “you’re”) comments below. I’d love to hear from you. Thanks!