7 Benefits of Collaborating with a Professional Graphic Designer

7  benefits graphic designeerThanks to guest blogger, Linda Pizzitola.

I so appreciate entrepreneurs and the courage it takes to launch a new business. The vision it takes. The optimism, commitment, drive, passion, sense of purpose, confidence, resiliency. . .

It can be quite a ride and it’s not for everyone.

I especially love the energy that comes with a start-up, and have collaborated with many on their branding and print promotions over the past 20+ years. But I’ve also seen new entrepreneurs neglect the critical step of creating a solid graphic identity as a foundation for their organizations. As a result, they end up projecting an embarrassingly unprofessional image right out of the gate.

To help avoid making that mistake, here are my top 7 reasons to partner with a professional graphic designer:

1. A professional look and feel communicates quality.
It generates trust and credibility. Your graphic identity makes that all-important first impression. Sophisticated audiences recognize, value, and respect quality. If you opt for a homemade look with your own company image, where else might you cut corners in your business practices? Having the right software to do the job is not enough. A solid knowledge of design principles and an eye trained for detail can make your branding and promotions shine.

2. Collaborating with a professional designer saves you time, freeing you and your staff to do what you do best.
Most small businesses can’t ‘do it all’ in-house. An experienced creative partner can help streamline the process of developing marketing materials by interfacing with commercial printers, photographers, and other specialists, and providing project management services as desired.

3. Hiring a designer can save you money. An experienced designer can usually hammer out a project quickly and efficiently, having already climbed the learning curves involved. (S)he also has the right tools and skill set for the job and knows where to find the right resources (i.e., fonts, graphics, photographers, illustrators, etc.) for your project.

4. A professional image gets you noticed in a crowded marketplace. A great graphic identity or promotion rises above the noise and clutter to grab attention, pique interest, stoke desire, and prompt action, while making your organization look good. That can’t help but impact your bottom line.

5. A graphic designer is a professional communicator and problem solver. Clear, strategic, user-friendly layouts, impactful visuals and precise, persuasive language help guide the reader through to acting on your offer.

6. You get not just ‘production,’ but a treasure trove of creative ideas, resources, and inspiration based on broad and deep experience in the world of design and marketing. This includes, not only cool visual approaches and effects, but communication strategies you may not have considered.

7. Your business is worth it! Your graphic identity is more than your signature. It’s your reputation.

Have you retained the services of a graphic designer? Have a benefit you want to add? Please, share your thoughts in the comment section because I’d love to hear from you. Thanks a million and here’s to your sweet success.

About guest blogger, Linda Pizzitola: Linda is the owner and creative director of Kaua`i Design. She draws from a broad background in the visual arts and has been serving up logos, stationery, brochures, programs, annual reports, ads, signage and more for some fabulous clients since 1996. Kaua`i Design strives to make you look good, capturing the spirit of your organization and the heart of your communication goals. They showcase your product, service or event with clean, clear, user-friendly design and a touch of salesmanship. Linda invites you to partner with Kaua`i Design to create effective, dynamic branding and marketing communications that promote your organization with impact and style.