Five Steps to Creating a Mesmerizing Marketing Message

Mesmerizing marketingMy guests on the May Marketing Blab were Shahar and Nashlah Boyayan. They are the owners of BuzzBooster Media – a mother and daughter team of marketing advisors committed to showing you how to achieve long-lasting prosperity. They create brain-based marketing (aka Neuromarketing) plans that help you understand behavior and create messages which resonate with your prospects on an emotional level.

During the program, Shahar and Nashlah revealed a five-step process designed to help you get more attention from your target audience.

Those five steps are highlighted below:

1. Make an impression.
What counts is your status, your voice and the prestige you create inside your market. How you express what you value (and fear) should resonate with your audience. All these increase the trust level between you and your audience (and we all know the value in strengthening that KLT Factor – know, like and trust).

2. Be relevant to your market. Never forget that the message you share is about your audience, not about you. We live in the age of what Shahar calls “I celebrity” – “I have my following,” “I have my peeps on FB,” etc. She added, “if you’re taking too many selfies a day, you need to sit down and rethink where you’re going.”

Identify the fears and/or challenges your prospects face, ask questions. Seek others first and provide content that they can apply to achieve results in their lives and/or businesses.

3. Create contrast.
Contrast could include such things as hair, your voice or how you shape your business. When you create contrast, the perception of your value increases.

For example, Vosges Chocolates’ labels tell stories about the flavor and how to consume the chocolate so it engages all five senses. Learn to tell stories that people can relate to because we’re “wired” for stories (i.e., that’s how we learn as children). Bring the unexpected to the picture because you create contrast, but you also make the brain re-wire.

Demonstrate your importance and be innovative. If you keep doing the same thing over and over, you’ll lose traction. A change might be as simple as shifting your consultation method from the phone to a Blab instead. Bring the unexpected into the picture (i.e., embrace oddities as they do in the game “Cards Against Humanity.” It’s so outrageous, we don’t usually say these things out loud.)

4. Incorporate rituals. Our brains stick to rituals because of their mystery. Think about some of the television programs that have a large following. They have a structure and a process and viewers tune in week after week curious to discover what’s happening next.

A simple ritual could be providing your clients with a questionnaire to complete. It’s a powerful tool because it establishes how you work.

5. Spread your wings.
You want to establish a genuine connection and create a sense of partnership with your peeps. Shahar explained that in their business, she and Nashlah, “Say what we need to say. We’re fresh eyes and tell the truth to our clients. We become partners.” What can you do to create more channels of revenue so you may spread your wings and expand?

Tune into the Marketing Blab here and listen to the complete interview with Shahar and Nashlash.

Do these five steps to mesmerizing marketing resonate with you? Have you incorporated them (one or all of them) into your business? Please share your comments below because I’d love to hear from you. Thanks a million and here’s to your sweet success.