Are you honoring your pet today?

My golden retriever, IkeToday, is National Pet Day, a day that celebrates all creatures great and small.

My pet is my beautiful golden retriever Ike. You’ve read about him on my blog before.

Our pets are members of our family and Ike is no exception. However, as happens in life, relationships end and as a result of my split with Ike’s “dad,” Ike moved to the east coast.

So to honor him from afar, I share this poem with you. I read it to Ike over the phone today:

Ike, the beach and ocean are your playground.
Every person in your path, your friend.
Your eyes light up with a joy for living.
Your spirit shines, your heart soars.

You love without question
And, you share your gift of love with all.

A ball, a leaf, a coconut – all your toys.
A scratch, a belly rub – your simple pleasures.
I see you running across the sand . . . diving in the water . . . fetching with endless enthusiasm.

You are a gift – a gift of boundless love,
A beautiful boy, a healer, a companion, a golden – the golden retriever of the north shore.
The champion who will never be forgotten.

There’s no greater feeling than the experience of Ike running up to greet me . . .
Doing his “love dance” wiggling in & out between my legs . . .
Wagging his tail with such excitement & enthusiasm . . . smiling with love in his eyes & joy in his heart.
I will hold these images with me forever in my heart.

Doug (Ike’s “dad”) & I are lucky that Ike has touched so many souls over the years. People return to the island time-after-time thrilled to see him on the beach again. It’s amazing that he touches so many people, not only on Kaua`i, but around the country & around the world. I see the smiles on their faces and it fills my heart with joy knowing that he is so loved. He will always be my puppy.

I am SO grateful to have him in my life as he is my true companion and a shining light that brightens each day.

I hope you have a pet you love & adore – one that brings you joy, love & comfort. If you’re looking for inspiration for your next blog post, why not write about your furry or feathered friend?

Or, feel free to simply honor him/her here by sharing your thoughts in the comments section below. I’d love to hear from you.