Are you honoring your pet today?

My golden retriever, IkeToday, is National Pet Day, a day that celebrates all creatures great and small.

My pet is my beautiful golden retriever Ike. You’ve read about him on my blog before.

Our pets are members of our family and Ike is no exception. However, as happens in life, relationships end and as a result of my split with Ike’s “dad,” Ike moved to the east coast.

So to honor him from afar, I share this poem with you. I read it to Ike over the phone today:

Ike, the beach and ocean are your playground.
Every person in your path, your friend.
Your eyes light up with a joy for living.
Your spirit shines, your heart soars.

You love without question
And, you share your gift of love with all.

A ball, a leaf, a coconut – all your toys.
A scratch, a belly rub – your simple pleasures.
I see you running across the sand . . . diving in the water . . . fetching with endless enthusiasm.

You are a gift – a gift of boundless love,
A beautiful boy, a healer, a companion, a golden – the golden retriever of the north shore.
The champion who will never be forgotten.

There’s no greater feeling than the experience of Ike running up to greet me . . .
Doing his “love dance” wiggling in & out between my legs . . .
Wagging his tail with such excitement & enthusiasm . . . smiling with love in his eyes & joy in his heart.
I will hold these images with me forever in my heart.

Doug (Ike’s “dad”) & I are lucky that Ike has touched so many souls over the years. People return to the island time-after-time thrilled to see him on the beach again. It’s amazing that he touches so many people, not only on Kaua`i, but around the country & around the world. I see the smiles on their faces and it fills my heart with joy knowing that he is so loved. He will always be my puppy.

I am SO grateful to have him in my life as he is my true companion and a shining light that brightens each day.

I hope you have a pet you love & adore – one that brings you joy, love & comfort. If you’re looking for inspiration for your next blog post, why not write about your furry or feathered friend?

Or, feel free to simply honor him/her here by sharing your thoughts in the comments section below. I’d love to hear from you.

Debra Jason

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  1. We always has dogs when I was growing up, one dog that lived in the house and several beagles that had their own very special house. My father was a hunter back in those days and the dogs helped him hunt the small game he enjoyed. As soon as I was able, I too became a dog owner. I don’t really think that “owner” is the correct word, perhaps “guardian” is more appropriate. The unconditional love, intuition, and compassion a dog shows is remarkable. As a Grief-Recovery Specialist, I also know that when a beloved dog passes, many times it’s more difficult than when a person passes. Unless you own a dog, or other pet, you may not be able to understand this. I cherish all the dogs that have been part of my life. They have given me so much and for that I am blessed and grateful!

    • Hi there @Meli and thank you for sharing your beautiful thoughts. I absolutely agree with you about how a dog’s capacity for unconditional love, intuition & compassion is remarkable. I often think that us humans should take after our dogs in this way. For those of us who have been fortunate enough to own dogs, I think we all understand and appreciate the gifts that these awesome beings have bestowed upon us. Did you ever read “The Art of Racing in the Rain?” – it’s a story told through the eyes of a dog and is one of my faves. Very touching! Sending my best wishes your way. Thanks again. ~Debra

  2. Debra,
    That was beautiful. You made me cry 🙁 But… in a good way 🙂
    I have grown up with so many animals basically a farm. As an adult we have dogs, cats and horses. They are our kids…our life! Unconditional love no matter what. Bad day? Good day? They do not care they are always there. Thank you for sharing this beautiful poem and a little bit of your personal life story. I know you miss your puppy and I am sure he misses you. That love never goes away.
    Hugs my friend…Now I have to go give my animals a HUGE smootch. 🙂
    Dawn recently posted…Editing Your Facebook Custom Tab ImageMy Profile

    • Hi @Dawn. Didn’t mean to make you cry, but tears of joy are beautiful.
      Whether dogs, cats, horses, birds – whatever – these creatures provide us with an abundance of heartwarming moments
      You’re so right – the love never goes away. Have fun delivering those smooches to your sweeties!
      Thanks for sharing your kind thoughts. ~Debra

  3. What a wonderful post and poem!
    I adore my 11-year-old puppy…she is one of my inspirations and often is featured on my blog, too!
    She’s sitting on my lap now. 🙂
    Mary C. Nasser recently posted…Butterfly JourneyMy Profile

    • Aw @Mary, if she’s sitting on your lap now, she must be a little pup. What’s her name?
      When Ike gets scared (i.e. fireworks or thunder & lightning), he thinks he’s a lap dog and wants to jump up right there with me.
      He can’t get close enough. Here’s to being continually inspired by our pets’ love & affection.

  4. Beautiful post and poem, Debra.

    We have two wonderful cats who are every bit as much of the family as we humans who they allow to stay in their home. 😉
    Michelle recently posted…Here’s How to Make BIG Things HappenMy Profile

    • Thanks @Michelle. Funny about cats, isn’t it? It does feel like they allow us to share their home.
      I had two very sweet boys, Chase & Kelly (brothers from the same litter).
      They lived a long & happy life and although they were finicky about who they’d snuggle up to, they always warmed up to my friends.
      And, those friends learned to love Chase & Kelly as much as I did.
      (P.S. You can see pics of Chase & Kelly on one of my Pinterest boards, “Pet Pics that Warm My Heart”)

  5. Had a great day with KJ – took him to the doggie park after work – brought him to work with me for the day! – glad Nile and JC are animal lovers! 🙂

    • Hi Anna, I think it’s great when a company supports their employees in bringing their pets to work. Dogs offers such great energy and often bring smiles to everyone’s faces.
      KJ is a lucky dog – a day at the office mingling with “mom” and her co-workers, topped off with a visit to the doggie park. Way to go. Enjoy. ~Debra

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