Does the Power of Positive Thinking Work for You?

The Power of Positive ThinkingAs a member of the Ultimate Blog Challenge (UBC), I’m perusing many more blogs this month. What I’m finding is a growing number of bloggers addressing the power of positive thinking and for good reason. . . .

In her post, Loren Ridinger wrote, that, “According to the Mayo Clinic, positive thinking helps with stress management and can even improve your health. By embracing an optimistic approach, you are able to tackle tough situations productively and with a solution-oriented mindset. By weaving optimism into your attitude, your ability to cope with challenges may increase.”

Click here to read the rest of Loren’s post entitled, “The Power of Positive Thinking: Taking Charge of Your Attitude.”

If you’re facing challenges, be they in your business or personal life, here are four more blog posts to inspire you to think positively:

From Julia Neiman’s Tranform for Life:
Love this story! Meet Joshua Johnson, a 20-year old from Harlem, New York who is financing his future by tap dancing on the subway.

From Chris Upwood’s Sleep Well Toronto:
Being grateful has been shown, both anecdotally and through scientific research, to increase happiness and optimism. When we are more happy and optimistic our lives are more peaceful. Chris suggests you start a Gratitude Journal.

From Lacy Young’s LacyLikes:
Lacy shares her life-changing experience attending Oprah’s lifeclass.“It was amazing, transformational and nothing short of pure inspiration.”

From Michelle Uy at Tiny Buddha:
10 tips to overcome negative thinking: positive thinking made easy.

Do you use optimism to overcome challenges in your life? Please share what works for you in the comments section below. I’d love to hear from you. Thanks and have a great day.

Debra Jason

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  1. Loved all of these posts you shared. This is really awesome. The Oprah one is very interesting especially. These really appealed to me as a personal development person. Thanks for sharing 🙂
    Lisa recently posted…Are You a Rebel Chick Mystic?My Profile

    • @Lisa, so glad you loved the posts. I was touched by all of them. Lacy’s experience at Oprah’s lifeclass certainly sounded like an amazing one. Here’s to having an optimistic day. Thanks. ~Debra

  2. Debra,
    Oh, by all means! Optimism is key in having a positive attitude; I’m not certain that they can be without the other. I wrote about a similar topic in my post of today; gratitude and appreciation play a big part in our health.
    Thanks for sharing these wonderfully inspiring posts!

    • @PeggyLee, each day I remind myself to take time to ponder what I’m grateful for. Most days I write a gratitude list in my journal, other days I may think about what I’m grateful for upon waking up or before going to sleep. And, some days I do both.
      Congrats on being chosen out of 1500 others to have your piece included in “Fundamentally Female.” Way to go. Thanks for sharing your thoughts here. ~Debra

  3. It’s so great when people are a curator of good stuff 🙂 Thank you 🙂
    Lisa recently posted…Are You a Rebel Chick Mystic?My Profile

    • Thanks @Lisa. I love it when people find the information I share worth sharing with their peeps. So, to show my gratitude, I reciprocate and share their insight with my peeps as well. 🙂 ~Debra

  4. Thank you Debra, I very much appreciate you mentioning The post about Joshua. His story is so inspiring. In addition to being a living example of what is possible Joshua is the embodiment of the concepts and values I strive to share with my young clients.
    Julia Neiman ( recently posted…Are You Committed to Doing What it Takes to Build Your Business?My Profile

    • @Julia I loved Joshua’s story. One reason is because I love tap dancing, but the other reason is his commitment to his dream of college. Your young clients are fortunate to have you inspiring them in this way. Thank you. 🙂 ~Debra

  5. It is so easy to lose perspective and get sucked into negative thinking. I was having a really rough time last week and my god, there are folks I know who have things so much harder than me. This week I’ve found that just by remembering what I AM grateful for, I’ve been able to regain my footing and life is so much better already.
    jules.maas recently posted…Power PlayMy Profile

    • @Jules, what you say is so true. When I start feeling like things aren’t going my way, I have to put it in perspective. As you mentioned, there are others who are having a harder time and some of them manage to keep a positive attitude throughout their challenges. I admire them and their courage (I’m thinking of two friends in particular). Glad you remembered what you are grateful for and that it helped you regain your footing. Thanks so much for sharing. Much appreciated. 🙂 ~Debra

  6. I believe it is important to always stress the positive whether it is thoughts or emotions. We live in a default negative world…look around…read the news…listen to people talk. By focusing on the positive we can achieve a place of balance where we can witness what is happening around us without becoming identified with it….and that is I believe where happiness and fulfillment lie.
    Celeste Smucker recently posted…Doing Well While Doing GoodMy Profile

    • @Celeste, it appears that the media does focus more on the negative than the positive. It seems easy to fall into that “trap”.
      More and more these days, I’m doing what I can to look at the bright side, compliment others as well express my gratitude. A sweet “thank you” goes a long way. I’ve also found lately that simply addressing someone by their name, like a sales clerk in a store, brings a joyful smile to their face. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and sharing your perspective. 🙂 ~Debra

  7. I was listening to an interview with Ed Foreman recently (the only person elected to Congress from two different states in the past 150 year and a Hall of Fame speaker and author) who brought a whole new perspective to positive (or negative – depending on how you look at it) thinking for me. He said “Worry is nothing more or less than the misuse of your imagination.” That statement really grabbed me.
    Nanette Levin recently posted…Newsweek throws in the towel on print editionMy Profile

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