Thank You: Do You Use These 2 Words Often Enough?

Do you use these 2 words often enough? “You are the #1 best at email replies to blog posts!” That’s a message I received from a colleague after I thanked her for commenting on my blog.

Yes, I respond to comments ON my blog, but I also send a separate email (not an auto-responder) thanking people for taking the time to share their thoughts with me & my readers.

I also thank people for “liking” my posts on Facebook, Google+ or LinkedIn. And, when they endorse me on LinkedIn or RT something I post on Twitter, I express my gratitude there as well.

I didn’t think what I was doing was all that unusual, but from the sound of my colleague’s message, I guess not everyone follows suit.

“Thank you!” Just two little words. They don’t take a long time to write or say out loud, but how often do you use them?

Inevitably, when I send an email thanking someone for taking time out of their busy day, they respond with surprise, appreciation or both. It’s just natural for me to say “thanks”. And, I just don’t do it by email. I’m still one who believes in sitting down and writing a “thank you” note by hand. Good ‘ol snail mail.

After receiving a handwritten note I had mailed to him, one colleague actually posted a copy of it on Facebook. I was touched that he was grateful for the gratitude I expressed to him.

Gratitude is a simple gesture we should all practice more often. It’s simple to express and has profound effects on others.

Here’s a starter list of 5 reasons to consider saying “thanks” in the world of social networking:

1. A reader shares his/her thoughts by writing a comment on your blog post.
2. A friend “likes” comments or shares your Facebook update (on your personal profile or on your Fan Page).
3. A fan or colleague retweets or comments on one of your Tweets.
4. A LinkedIn or Google+ contact “likes,” comments or shares one of your posts.
5. A LinkedIn contact recommends or endorses one (or more) of your skills.

And, as I mentioned earlier, when it comes to face-to-face contact and I’ve met someone new, had a lovely conversation, received a referral or was the recipient of their gracious hospitality, handwritten notes are a beautiful gesture of gratitude.

So, a big thank you to each of you who continue to read my blog. I appreciate you and the time you take to do so.

What about you? Do you say or write “thank you” often enough? Share your comments below because I’d love to hear from you.

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