Facebook Ads – Advantages and Mistakes: Blabbing with Brian Carter

Facebook Ads Blabbing with Brian CarterOn November 13th, social media keynote speaker, and owner of the digital marketing agency Brian Carter Group, Brian Carter was gracious enough to spend time on the Marketing Blab with Debra.

Known for blending marketing, comedy and innovation, Brian explained, “Comedy and laughter helps people learn, keeps them awake, gets their attention and keeps them engaged.”

With a delightful sense of humor, Brian engaged the Blab viewers as we dove into the subject of Facebook advertising. While understanding that Facebook can be overwhelming, not to mention, the most difficult type of marketing, Brian stressed that it’s the most rewarding marketing platform.

Here are two advantages of Facebook advertising he highlighted:

1. You can control your cost, to a large degree. The higher your click-through rate, the lower your cost. No other platform does that for you.
2. You can reach TV and radio sized audiences with much better targeting capabilities than TV and radio. With Facebook ads you can target people by so many different targeting criteria (i.e., income, net worth, home value, travel patterns, cars they might buy, etc.). And, you can do it for as little as $5.00/day. You can’t do that with TV or radio.

However, there are some common mistakes people make when starting out with Facebook marketing. So Brian shared these three on the Blab:

1. Boosting posts instead of using Facebook’s Ad Manager. Boosting a post does not get traffic to your site or conversions. The cost per click is higher than an ad. Instead, create – and test – a web site ad and a web site conversion ad.
2. Trying to control your costs by bidding. “Don’t worry about bidding, because it can backfire on you,” says Brian. “If you bid too low, you won’t get enough exposure.” Instead, control your costs by doing good targeting and good creative. When you find great creative, you’ll see your costs go down.
3. Thinking that having a lot of followers means you have a lot of buyers. Just because you have fans, doesn’t mean they’re highly-qualified buyers. How did you get them and how have you treated them? Organically you might reach 6-10% of your fans or less.

You can watch the replay of Brian’s blab with me below:

Build Your Credibility and Establish Trust

One important point that Brian, myself and many savvy marketers continue to emphasize is that your social networking fans are not portable. In other words, while you may have thousands of Facebook fans, what you’re aiming for is capturing their email addresses. Once you have a list of email subscribers, you can then develop a funnel to build your credibility and establish trust.

You can use Facebook ads to send people directly to your web site where you offer valuable content that’s useful to them. “This way you’re making an emotional deposit in their bank and proving your value,” Brian explained. When you demonstrate you can help them, you’re strengthening that KLT Factor (know, like trust) and you’re on your way to nurturing prosperous relationships.

Have you learned from your mistakes or experienced the advantages of Facebook ads? Please share your comments below because I’d love to hear from you. Thanks a million and here’s to your sweet success.