Marketing Lessons Learned by Throwing Caution to the Wind

Marketing Lessons Learned by Throwing Caution to the WindThanks to guest blogger, Peggy Lee Hanson.

In updating one of my marketing programs (that I’ll be presenting on Kaua`i in June), I recently reached out to some of my savvy colleagues and asked for their insight on the top 3 most cost-effective strategies in their marketing toolboxes. First, business coach Andrea Feinberg shared 4 marketing lessons she learned from her mom.

Now, personal transition strategist, Peggy Lee Hanson shares her top three marketing strategies:

1. Blog. Spreading the word has never been easier and will never be cheaper using this first and foremost strategy. You already have a website; it may be one you pay a monthly charge for, or it may be one that can be hosted with no fee. There is nothing more powerful than the written word.

2. Hold a teleclass. Find a subject you need to learn more about in delivering your service. There are many topics to choose from no matter what your field is: marketing; creating your website; how to sell from the stage; speak your platform. These are offered for free from many entrepreneurs who are breaking into or are very established in the business. Nothing will build your list faster than hosting your own webinar, seminar, teleseminar. BONUS: You get to learn it first and then teach it, making YOU the expert! In addition, conference lines can be accessed at no charge as well.

3. Connect with a successful mentor.
Who do you admire in your chosen field or who inspires you? Connect with them on social media. Get to know them. Send them a personal email explaining what you do or send them a sample of your work (poem, video, book). Ask them what you can do to help spread their message. Nothing gets you into the inner circle faster than offering assistance and admiration.

Quickly about my story: I researched life coaching. I found Marcia Wieder of Dream University® and was certified by her; in the midst of studying with her, she bestowed upon me manager of her online community of 10,000+ members worldwide.

Second quick story: I was interested in writing poetry. Finding the book, poemcrazy, I researched the author, Susan Wooldridge, online; finding her email address, I told her about my desire to write poetry and sent her a few samples. She responded within hours and we’ve been friends ever since.

Throw caution to the wind and take risks. That is the formula for succeeding with a limited or no budget. It will be your merit that carries you to the financial success and freedom you seek.

Do you use any of Peggy Lee’s 3 favorite marketing tools? Have another one you’d like to share? Feel free to post it in the comment section below. I’d love to hear from you. Thanks!

About guest blogger, Peggy Lee Hanson: Peggy Lee is a sought-after Speaker, two-time Best-selling Author on, and a successful Coach, Mentor & Strategist, plus CEO and Founder of My Dream Architect, a subsidiary of Personal Transition Guidance, LLC. As a personal transition strategist, she inspires, encourages, supports, and compassionately helps individuals, especially women, suffering through change to quickly and easily attain the life of their dreams that they are meant – and deserve – to live.


  1. Thank you, Debra. It is an honor to be featured in your column!
    Peggy Lee Hanson recently posted…Stay in your own lane!My Profile

    • You’re so welcome Peggy! I appreciated you taking the time to share your pearls of wisdom. Looking at Julia’s and Andrea’s comments, just today I attended a social media event because I wanted to meet one of the speakers, Joel Comm. I just went right up to him and introduced myself and he was delightful. He’s putting together a collaborative book and I think I’m going to be one of the contributors.
      Both Joel & one of the other speakers at the event said “we’re all just human” and social media marketing, which includes blogging, is just about being human. Thanks again Peggy. ~Debra

  2. Love the idea of reaching out to your own ‘star’ in your field! Great strategy and, I’ll bet, rarely used as folks assume their idols are too big to respond personally. Thanks Peggy!
    Andrea Feinberg recently posted…It Takes More than Passion to Build a BusinessMy Profile

  3. I love your tips Peggy! I am a great proponent of “seek and ye shall find” and “ask and you shall receive.” I’ve always reached out to people and have had great luck in making strong connections with mentors and stars in my field. It was interesting to learn that people are thrilled when you reach out to them – it confirms for them that they are positioned well as experts. Funny how that works :-).
    Julia Neiman recently posted…Making Difficult Choices in BusinessMy Profile

  4. Thanks for your kinds words, Andrea! Who would you connect with?
    Peggy Lee Hanson recently posted…Stay in your own lane!My Profile

  5. Julia,
    Thanks for your kind words! You have certainly reached out to stars in your field! I’m so proud of you! Who else might you reach out to?
    Peggy Lee Hanson recently posted…Stay in your own lane!My Profile

  6. I think we tend to forget that everyone is human! And why wouldn’t they want to connect with like minded people? Like attracts like, after all 🙂 Thanks for an inspiring post and great reminder.
    Tamsin recently posted…Musts vs ShouldsMy Profile

    • You’re welcome Tamsin. I think there are some folks out there who don’t realize that sometimes all you have to do is ask. Sure, it can be scary, but if you don’t ask you don’t get so there’s nothing to lose by reaching out to others. ~Debra

  7. I do like the idea of reaching out to people you admire. I’m already finding that people are very encouraging and even eager to help others along. What a pleasant surprise!
    Sheri Conaway recently posted…May 29, 2013 A topsy turvy kind of dayMy Profile

    • More and more these days I think people are becoming aware of the value of being genuine with one another as well as giving more (and not just taking). Like you said Sheri, people are eager to help one another succeed and it makes the world a better place. Thanks! ~Debra

  8. I love every comment! Thanks so much! I did think of another instance where Strategy #3 came into play.

    Looking for the answer to either stay an entrepreneur or re-enter the corporate workforce I attended an all-day workshop hosted by the local unemployment office. The last event was an author and motivational speaker by the name of Renee Rongen. By the end of her talk I knew that I wanted to do — and continue to do — what she does: inspire through the spoken and written word. I needed and wanted to tell her that.

    What I received in return was being published in her book called “Fundamentally Female”! Only a handful out of 1,500 entries were chosen and I was one of them!!! This book was the first I was paid for in publishing my short poem, it has received awards, AND it sent me to the 2013 Academy Awards; chosen to be included in the $40k+ swag bags given to all the female nominees!!

    Be bold. Be brave. Believe!
    Peggy Lee Hanson recently posted…Stay in your own lane!My Profile

  9. One strategy, if it can be called a strategy is to surround myself with positive people who encourage me when the waters are a wee bit over my head, but are practical, honest and wise enough to tell me when I am going off the track. I guess it would come under Strategy # 3 but at a more relaxed and informal level.
    Vatsala Shukla recently posted…The Twelve Minute RuleMy Profile

  10. These are great, Peggy. I have accomplished #1 (phew) but feel a bit over my head just contemplating the other two. I need some baby steps, I guess?
    Amy recently posted…A happy-birthday-little-Mack camping tripMy Profile

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