Do people take you seriously when you work at home?

Working from homeLike many solo- or entrepreneurs today, you may be working from your home office.

In fact, many of us make the choice to be independent or solo-preneurs because we want a lifestyle that allows us more time at home. (FYI: According to one report, the number of freelance workers is up 70% over the past three years.)

However, have you discovered that, because you’re at home, some folks don’t take you seriously?

This post offers a quick tip to help . . .

When I started The Write Direction in 1989, I worked from home. The phone would ring. I’d get excited thinking it’s a new client, right? No. It would be a friend calling saying “Hi Debra, what are you doing?” “Working,” I’d say.

Since I was at home, it seemed my friends didn’t think I had a “real job.” Perhaps they thought I was sitting around eating bon-bons and watching TV (like the young lady above).

I discovered that I had to “train” my friends and get them to realize that, even though I was at home, I had a “real job” with working hours just like they did. Once I made that clear to them, they respected my career and my wishes.

How about you? Are your friends, family, relatives taking you seriously? Please share your comments below. I’d love to hear from you.

Then, stay tuned. I’m working on another tip about working from home that I’ll post here soon.

Here’s to your success.